Thursday, August 2, 2012

National (Panasonic) Bistro NE-SS30A: Microwave Steam Oven

Everybody asks me what kind of high-tech oven I use, but it is very old. I think I won this oven at a recipe contest more than 7 years ago.

National (now Panasonic) Bistro NE-SS30A is a microwave oven with steam cooking. Unfortunately, I seldom use the steam function because it takes too much time cooking with steam, while it cuts calories.

Anyways, today, my new microwave steam oven Panasonic Bistro NE-R3500 arrived!!!
I heard it cooks much faster with time saving functions. Also, you can operate it with smartphone (android). Sounds cool :D I own iPhone, though...

And yes! The same lady talks♥

I hope to use it in my video someday soon :)
Of course, I miss my old oven... it is very clean and doing fine, so I am thinking of giving it to my sister...

The smaller box is a rice cooker. I know it's my third one... haha

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