Wednesday, August 12, 2009

6th Anniversary @ ALTOMOND BEKKAN

8/11 was 6th anniversary since my boyfriend and I started dating, so my boyfriend booked a nice restaurant called ALTOMOND BEKKAN.

The restaurant was broadcast on "Gurunai Gochini Narimasu" on 7/2. It's a program that TV personalities guess the prices of dishes they ordered at a selected high-class restaurant without looking at the price list. We had a course menu which consists of dishes that TV personalities actually ordered. Until I go there, I didn't know anything about the restaurant, so I was really excited when I heard it from my boyfriend :D

All the dishes were fabulicious! Grilled Japanese Beef and Foie-Gras "ROSSINI" was like a bouquet with pretty edible flower salad on top! Also their desserets were fancy. Tiramisu was served in a modern style. You pour espresso over Mascarpone ice cream on top of nuts and crunchy chocolate studded on a dish and eat. I loved their presentation! Upper 4 dishes are my boyfriend's choice and the lower 4 is mine. Of course we shared them all ;)

We had a wonderful time :D

Surprisingly, the restaurant was located right next to the Aoyama Unimat Museum where we went last year! My boyfriend didn't know that because he found it on the Net! Cool we came back ;)

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  1. Ochi,

    You looked pretty that night.Really!!

    Your boyfriend is a romantic man.The restaurant looked romantic too!And of course the dishes looked delicious too.

    I'm so happy and jealous for you.Happy because you had a wonderful night,jealous because your boyfriend is much more romantic than Ken.Haha..

  2. Thanks jose,

    I really can't believe him dating with the other girl (girls?)... He always denies but I have mixed feelings about that photo and the calls... It takes time to forgive and forget...

    Anyway, I'm glad I didn't get mad at all and enjoyed. He-he-he ;)

  3. Ochi,

    I knew how you felt,you did not get mad because he is the one you love.You will never angry him too long.I knew that..Thanks to Ken for letting me know the feeling..haha.

    *you can see other comment in my blog's comment page*

    Now,I even secretly checked his cellphone (messages,sent messages,call history,answered history,or even missed call).The best time to check is when he bath.

    I tried my best to forget his previous case(he & my friend)..but sometimes I can't.I love and hate him!!How crazy I am...

  4. You're so lovely...really!
    and your boyfriend,looks very gentleman.

    you deserved to be treat a special woman in his life.

    Now you reach six years relationship,i absolutely salute you...being a best partner to him.


  5. By the way,i forgot my replies.
    and i want to say,million thanks for always visiting in my blogs.

    Yes,i made those salad and burned's automatic burned maker,not bread maker.hehehe!

    and the other one,i don't like cats,but they're always visiting my place every day,and also sleeping at noon time everywhere.

  6. Hi jose,

    You perfectly understand me!!!

    Me, too. I love him but I hate him sometimes... many ups and downs... you know!

    I will visit your post ;)

  7. Hi merce-san,

    Thanks for sweet words!!!
    I hope I am special for him :D
    6 years were fast. We sometimes have fights, but I always believe he is the only one!

  8. Thanks merce-san,

    Just don't care about my comments. I write you because I wanted to ;)

    Your dishes looked yummy! Your hubby should be happy. Yes he said you are thoughtful and he is really happy being with you!

    Ha-ha! That's something I didn't know!

  9. Hi Ochi,

    What an elegant restaurant you two dined at! A cute couple you make, he's lucky to have such a beautiful girlfriend like you!

    Happy 6 years and many more! :)

  10. Hi jo,

    Thanks! I will try to be with him many more years. I'm not such a good girlfriend because I keep on questioning about women. I need to be nicer, not making him nervous... you know X(


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