Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Raspberry and Acai Berry Granita

Have you ever tried acai berry?

This is a seasonal acai drink I sometimes order at UCC coffee shop.
It's a refreshing granita that uses acai and raspberry.
I try acai berry drink whenever I find it because acai has good nutrition!

Acai contains 18 times more polyphenol than blueberry and said to help increase beauty! Also, it is rich in iron, fiber, and calcium.

Do you know that acai is a palm tree?! I just knew it!!!

Anyway, we experienced earthquakes (magnitude of 4) in Tokyo almost daily. This morning, it happened at 5AM. One before happened at 8PM on Sunday. The earthquake's epicenter (magnitude of 6) was Shizuoka, not that far from Tokyo. I hope great one won't happen X(

Besides this, typhoon No.9 supposed to pass this noon... but it hasn't arrived yet. I hope it moves away quickly before our anniversary dinner.

Fingers crossed!

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  1. Ochi,

    Hope everything fine there in Japan!!

    Is there anyone get injure or hurt?I hope no..

  2. Konnichiwa.
    Is that sticky?

    anyway,i wish both of you,have a memorable night.

    Take Care!

  3. Hi Ochi,

    You're very health conscious, which is a good thing! I tried a flavored water once with acai berry, it was very good! Yes they say the acai berry is beneficial to your metabolism! I didn't know it was palm tree!

    You stay safe, and be safe! Happy anniversary to you both, may you have a romantic night together!

  4. Hi jose,

    Unfortunately, there were some injured people near the earthquake center...
    We had another one this morning. I hope nothing bad happens...

  5. Hi merce-san,

    Not sticky. It's like a sorbet.

    Thank you! We had a wonderful night ;)

  6. Hi jo,

    Acai flavored water sounds interesting!!! That should be more healthy ;)

    I just hope nothing bad ever happens. And I hope I can evacuate to safer places when the big one come! Tokyo will get messed up... you know. How scary!!!

  7. Hi,

    Thank You Very Much for sharing this helpful informative article about Acai Berry Granita.

    -- Acai Berry Pure | Acai Pure

  8. Hi ricky,

    You're welcome!!!
    I'm glad you liked it ;)


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