Thursday, August 13, 2009

Colorful Tomato Soba @ Aji no Mingei

Aji no Mingei is well known as a handmade udon restaurant. My boyfriend and I go there once in a while because all their menus are big, cheap, and delicious!

Yesterday, I didn't feel like cooking, so we went there for a dinner!

I really wanted to eat a refreshing soba dish, so I ordered "Colorful Tomato Soba" (upper image). It's a cold soba with daikon radish strips and tomato slices. There are some fried dried shrimps sprinkled on top which makes the dish really tasty! Also, spicy wasabi accent was really refreshing and went great with dashi broth! Mmm :D

My boyfriend ordered "Hot and Sour Black Vinegar Soup Udon". It's the most popular dish at the restaurant. He had it with a small tendon. He has a good appetite! Ha-ha!!!

This week the train is not crowded because of the Bon holiday. Obon or just Bon is a Japanese Buddhist custom to honor the departed spirits of one's ancestors. It takes place every year from August 13th to 16th. Many people take summer vacation during this period and go back to their hometowns. Unfortunately, I took my summer vacation already in the end of June (to NY), so I have to go to work. But the work is slow, so it's okay.

Hula class tonight ;) Have a good day!

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  1. Ochi,

    Replying for your comment.I don't want Ken to read that.

    Ken said he told me everything.But I never believe,to be honest.MY friend said if no trust in a relationship,then why still keep on together??For me,I just want to give myself a chance to be love,this is my selfish way not to be lonely.

    He refused you to read his message,I think he was doing something wrong.Don't terrify because this is only my thought.For me,I will think he was sms-ing with that bitch.Maybe he was not serious with her,deep in his heart he still love you.BUT maybe he think that since this girl can 'play' with him and since he will not loss anything for that so he keep on doing it.Ken told me before-If you like to over-control me,I would wish for more freedom.So nowadays,I act normal in front of him but secretly check his cell.

    The more you care,the more he will act secretly.This is what I think about guy

  2. Thanks jose,

    That was something I wanted to hear...

    Will go to your post to reply, too.

    But maybe later because I know you are busy, and so do I. Ha-ha ;)

  3. This kind of dishes,just for summer time?

    Good morning Ochisan!

  4. Hi Ochi,

    The dishes look wonderful, I'm sure I'd like them all!

    Tonight I went and purchased eggroll wrappers, I'm hungry for eggrolls! My eggrolls are to die for.

  5. Ochi,

    I now trying to guess your bf's feeling.

    I think he love you,of course but maybe both of you had been together for 6 years (6 years is a very long time) he started to get a bit boring with this life.He still want to spend whole life with you but the other hand he still want to enjoy life with other girls.That's is the reason why he did this to you now,I guess.

    Till now,sometimes I did remind what Ken did to me previously but I kept myself a limit.I mentioned it to make him felt guilty/shame/whatsoever.Let him know that you had your own limit and hope he did not cross that line.

    If you really found out his secret again,make sure you don't angry.The more you angry the more he felt challenging and want to do it again.So,you compile all the info about his secret and ask him what he want to do now(with a very relax voice).Make him felt that you already don't care anymore,make him felt you really fed up,I'm sure he will scare about your reaction.

    This is what I found out from Ken there.I don't know can be use on you bf or not,at least you try.

    :)I will support you!

  6. Hi, merce-san.

    Yes. Just for the summer time!
    I love vegetables ;)

  7. Hi jo,

    They are healthy, so I think you'd love them!
    How was your egg rolls?! I really want to try your's! Sounds yummy!!!

  8. Hi jose,

    >>If you really found out his secret again,make sure you don't angry
    I couldn't do that... I think I'd better not find anything more X(

    I wrote back on your posts again.

    Thanks for your support! You understand more than me. You are very mature!!!


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