Monday, August 17, 2009

Keio Asahi Sky Beer Garden

Hi! This weekend was again really fast. How was yours?

On Saturday evening, my boyfriend and I went to the Keio Asahi Sky Beer Garden. The weather was perfect for outdoor drinking, so it was already crowded at around 6PM! The food was brought really fast to the table, which allowed us to relax! You know what I mean. Ha-ha ;)

The Hawaiian festival at the department store was great! Everything was expensive, but I found a nice plumeria hair accessory and a plumeria poepoe lei that goes perfect with my new Pa'u skirt! I bought the very left one with white flowers (plumeria)!

This weekend, I again argued with my bf about girl(s)... he was really mad at me because I didn't give up. But I just realized it's better knowing nothing than knowing only the negative things, because his attitude toward me never changed and he was and is always nice to me!

The weather has been lovely these days! Tonight he asked me to go out for a drink again. I hope we can make up.


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  1. Ochi,

    Beer time seem so great!Your weekend was nice.

    Abour your boyfriend,I think you just silence for a while.The more you nagged him,you will only give more chance for him to look for that girl.

    I know you're anxious,but remember don't give any chances for your boyfriend to complaint about your nagging-ness in front of that girl.

    Maybe we should try to silence a while.Who knows..your boyfriend will love you more for that.

  2. Did your boyfriend read your blog??

  3. Kombanwa Ochisan.

    Oh...that building in your back,i really want to go there.,it's look like a ballet shoes.

    I'm sorry ochisan,coz,i told my husband about your situation.
    specially,when the situation goes like this.
    i don't know your actual life,but...
    trust is the key,to open our hearts.
    forgiveness is the key to unlocked our mind.

  4. Last august 15 saturday,we had a obon ceremony here in davao city.

    but my pancake post,that was from one of the restaurant here.

  5. We called mangga or mango in english.
    actually that was green mango.

  6. She is selling a snacks,in a bus terminal.

  7. Hi Ochi,

    Enjoying my summer so much here too! I see you take every opportunity to get out and have fun! I am too! My pool is wonderful, and the weather awesome hot!!

    I think there're times you need to get stuff off your chest and tell your bf what you think! Keeping everything inside is bad too, just boils up until you can't stand it no more.

    Sometimes certain behavior is not acceptable or respectable to the relationship! Besides making up is fun too! :)

  8. Hi jose,

    I think you are right. I shouldn't nag anymore...
    I know my situation is not easy, but like I said before, he loves me, you know.
    I don't want to make things worse. He doesn't love the other girl. She is a poor devil, you know!
    Yes, my bf will love me if I'm like before ;)

  9. Hi merce-san,

    Thank you merce-san.
    I think you are right!!!
    Trust and forgiveness... I will try. He will be happy if I'm like that.

  10. Hi merce-san again,

    You have Obon ceremony there?! That's interesting to know!!!

    You like pancake, right? I see you posting a pic of pancake very often ;)

  11. Hi merce-san again,

    Wow! Green mango!? That's interesting!!!

  12. Hi merce-san again,

    She carries everything!!!

  13. Konnichiwa jo,

    I'm glad to hear that the weather is hot enough to get into the pool ;)

    You know what... I told him everything, but he kept on shaking his head. He doesn't like me nagging about him. I don't know what is the truth until I find out the evidence. But like merce-san say, maybe I need to believe him. There is nothing good waiting if I blame him for the affair (not sure yet though...).

    Yes. Making up is fun! I mean, it makes our relationship even better!!!

    I'll try my best.


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