Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Blue Garden

Last night, under the lovely weather, my boyfriend and I went to an Italian restaurant called Blue Garden where you can enjoy authentic Italian food.

We opened a bottle of wine :)

What a nice day with a nice breeze.
I still felt anxious about the girl but I made up with him right away!!!

I liked the name of seasonal mixed salad, "genki salad", which means energetic salad! It made us happy :) Their pizza was amazingly delicious. The cheese pizza called Italice is made with mozzarella, gorgonzola, taleggio, and parmigiano cheese. You pour honey over it. It was superb and went well with our wine.

By the way, I bought a new dress on this day before I see him because I was wearing sportswear. He asked me for a dinner at noon, so I canceled my plan to go to the gym. That's why.

Couples look happy, everything seems fine, but no one knows what's behind... Like merce-san says, "trust" and "forgiveness" might be the key. I don't want to argue with him anymore and I know he will never tell me the truth. Merce-san might be right. Thanks!

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  1. ochi,

    Nowadays,you ate outside often too..wine did relax your mind and made your dinner romantic!

    You know,this few days I felt if I stay near you,sure I will go and find you to go thru this hard time.Haha..but I confirm you and your boyfriend will okay soon.

    This moment,maybe trust and believe are useful for both of you.

    Good luck!

  2. Thanks jose,

    I wrote in detail in my previous reply, but yes, trust and believe are always necessary. I might write you again when I get nervous but please calm me down. I want to be nicer, not a naggy person ;)


  3. Thanks for your yummy looking photos!! And thanks for your honest comments too... I have been having a hard time with my bf recently, and it is hard to trust him and believe him, but you are RIGHT :) trust and forgiveness are most important. I don`t want to be a naggy gf either. ありがとう and good luck.

  4. Hi fran,

    I thought that was my honest comments, but I updated it even better today on my new post...
    Like you say, it is verrrrry hard to trust someone once you feel betrayed by someone you love...
    Let's do our best and behave nicely!!! It is easy to give up and break up but the same thing can happen again with the next partner if we can't overcome. If you love him, don't give up ;)

  5. That is very true! I like your comments on today's post too! If we always look back at the past, we can never move forward. It is really important to focus on the good points of our bf and the good points of our relationships.

    Thank you for being so positive. I will try to be positive too!

  6. Hi fran,

    Yes. You are right, too. We need to focus on the good points of each other. I never thought of my bf cheating, so I still cannot forget everything I saw, but I hope time will put it out of my mind.

    Oops... I need to be positive!!!


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