Monday, August 10, 2009

My Recent Favorite Drink

On Friday night, I ate out with my co-workers of the same age. We've been to an Italian restaurant called CHIANTI. Recommended original dressing was rich and great! But overall, they use too much garlic. Anyway, what I loved the most was their cocktail. I forgot the name, but it was a fresh lemon cocktail using Mediterranean lemon. It wasn't sweet and really refreshing!!! Also it contains mineral, which was eye-catching! Actually, we had a good time but one guy started to doze off, so we called it a night...

On Saturday night, my boyfriend and I went to a dynamic kitchen & BAR restaurant called Hibiki. We had a 3,000yen ($30) coupon, so we went there ;D My boyfriend took my picture with his iPhone but it came out too white X( Anyway, what I like about this restaurant is that we can view chefs cooking foods from the bar counter. Here again, I found a fresh lemon chu-hai (shochu cocktail) on a limited-time menu. It was not sweet (no sugar added) and really refreshing, too!

Mostly, I get a Japanese tea chu-hai when I dine out, but I think I'm gonna go for the lemon cocktails for a while ;D

It is raining really hard since yesterday afternoon. I hope it stops by tomorrow since we have another anniversary tomorrow. My boyfriend booked a restaurant :D To tell the truth, this is without much surprise, he should! Yesterday, I found purikura which he took last year on 7/20 with a girl who I don't know. Fuckin' girl!!! I'm glad she was ugly. I scratched her face and shredded. He-he-he >:D At least my boyfriend is nice to me, I can forgive him but not her! You know what I mean!!!

Sorry, my post is gloomy like a weather here today... Just laugh! I'm fine. Depending on my mood, though. Ha-ha!

See you again ;)

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