Monday, August 10, 2009

My Recent Favorite Drink

On Friday night, I ate out with my co-workers of the same age. We've been to an Italian restaurant called CHIANTI. Recommended original dressing was rich and great! But overall, they use too much garlic. Anyway, what I loved the most was their cocktail. I forgot the name, but it was a fresh lemon cocktail using Mediterranean lemon. It wasn't sweet and really refreshing!!! Also it contains mineral, which was eye-catching! Actually, we had a good time but one guy started to doze off, so we called it a night...

On Saturday night, my boyfriend and I went to a dynamic kitchen & BAR restaurant called Hibiki. We had a 3,000yen ($30) coupon, so we went there ;D My boyfriend took my picture with his iPhone but it came out too white X( Anyway, what I like about this restaurant is that we can view chefs cooking foods from the bar counter. Here again, I found a fresh lemon chu-hai (shochu cocktail) on a limited-time menu. It was not sweet (no sugar added) and really refreshing, too!

Mostly, I get a Japanese tea chu-hai when I dine out, but I think I'm gonna go for the lemon cocktails for a while ;D

It is raining really hard since yesterday afternoon. I hope it stops by tomorrow since we have another anniversary tomorrow. My boyfriend booked a restaurant :D To tell the truth, this is without much surprise, he should! Yesterday, I found purikura which he took last year on 7/20 with a girl who I don't know. Fuckin' girl!!! I'm glad she was ugly. I scratched her face and shredded. He-he-he >:D At least my boyfriend is nice to me, I can forgive him but not her! You know what I mean!!!

Sorry, my post is gloomy like a weather here today... Just laugh! I'm fine. Depending on my mood, though. Ha-ha!

See you again ;)

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  1. Hi Ochi,

    We love garlic sauce and garlic in general around here! Not to good if you must be out in public talking to others though!

    I love lemon drinks too! At least you found a different form of drink you like! Mostly I drink ice-tea with lemon sweetened slightly!

    Hey at least the girl was ugly! Yes other women should not mess with someone else's boyfriend!

  2. Ohayo jo,

    Oh really!? My boyfriend is a sales person, so he doesn't prefer to eat garlic. So that is why I don't eat too much garlic. It is interesting that my taste changed. I used to like garlic!

    I love iced lemon tea more than milk tea :)

    I'm glad you understand me. I can't forgive that girl. She knew he has a girlfriend, so she should know how I feel. If she does that without hesitation, she is a dumb-fuck.

  3. Good Morning!
    Pilipinos love to eat with many fried rice.
    and every time we cooked fried vegetables,oil and then garlic,and etc.
    but your pizza,looks very,very delicious.

    Have a Rainy morning to you!

  4. I heard in the news,about earthquake,how about you and your loveydovey?

  5. Ochi,

    I love garlic!! My mum said garlic can prevent cancer..

    Lucky enough the girl was ugly!! You know,some girls were really did not felt ashamed of themselves.

    Why did they still want to mess up with the guy who had a long term girlfriends??

    Well..different peoples,different attitude!

  6. Hi merce-san,

    Yes. This margherita used a lot of garlic and was delicious :) But too much for me, you know... I wish my bf likes this kind... then I can change! Ha-ha!

  7. Hi merce-san again,

    We are doing fine but it happens almost every day, so very scarly...

  8. Hi jose,

    >>garlic can prevent cancer
    Really!? I didn't know that!!!
    We don't eat many but I use garlic for almost every dishes, so I hope that is enough for us ;)
    Oh, I just found it was proved in China (Shanghai)!

    >>Why did they still want to mess up with the guy who had a long term girlfriends??
    Me, too. I think the same way!!! I don't think she can be happy if she does that deliberately!!!


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