Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tokyo Midtown

On Sunday, my boyfriend and I went to Tokyo Midtown for a change since I was off balance.

We started with a glass of beer and mojito. Then we shared the pasta of the day which was Chicken and Broad Beans Pasta. It was seasoned with Japanese clam broth and was delicious!

After the lunch, we had a walk and relaxed for a while on the patio. There was a hula show, so we watched it. Then we soaked our feet in water and listened to the music he had.

We've been together for about 6 years. I depended on his tenderness and was really into my culinary stuff. I felt very sorry to him making him lonely. I knew he loved me a lot, but I remember I sometimes ignored his love when I was busy. Normally, for ordinary couples, his mistake cannot be forgiven, but this time I will forgive him because I had a fault. I really thank to him that he came back to me and gave me another chance.

Now I love him more than ever and he loves me, too, of course. Every time I talk with him, I get so excited with a smile because I know he wants to be with me like this (not like with his mom). He won't be lonely and I can trust him in this way. What a simple answer!

The weather is going to stay fine for few days. I hope we can enjoy the rest of the summer in peace ;)

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  1. Ochi,

    You're so romantic!! I hope your boyfriend can read this post.He must be so in love..

    Love can make you and I happy!!

    You two really had the most relaxing weekend,especially soaked you leg into the water.Sometimes when we got tired of walking,soaking leg really work!

    Good luck,Ochi!!

  2. Hi jose,

    Yes it was unexpectedly romantic ;)
    I think we should not expect too much. Ha-ha!
    I understand how you felt about your weekend.

    I told my boyfriend that I really regret what I have done to him. If he's an adult, he knows what he should promise me from now on.

    Yes. Love can make us happy!

    Thanks jose! You helped me a lot!!!

  3. Yehey!love is sweeter in a second time around...hehehe!
    I'm really,really happy for you.

    Anyway,we had a kadayawan festival last week.kadayawan festival is a yearly celebrations in davao.
    it's a thankgiving for our bountiful harvest.
    we had street dancing(trival dance),and floral float parade(orchids).

  4. Once again,congatulations!

    In my kabuhayan.

    Q.Is this how they are cooked?!


    Q.You always take interesting views. Is he selling food?!

    A.yes,selling and watching some shows.

    Q.What is this about?! Hmm...

    A.He is jeepney driver,and almost drivers here,specially in the morning,ask coins to pay for the ride.

    Love to eat.

    Q.What kind of fish balls are these? Looks sweet!

    yes,so sweet...because of the catsup.

  5. You two are keeping your romance alive Ochi! Happiness is everything in a relationship!

    I always tell my husband to pick up after himself, cause I'm not his mom! :)

    I'm sure you'll keep bf happy and not lonely! He must be understanding also of your dreams and passions!

  6. Wonderful,yummy site-thanks for the pictures and info! Betty

  7. merce-san,

    How come you know that well about LOVE?! You are very mature for your age!
    But somehow, I feel my love is one-way... I think I shouldn't think too much!!!

    The event sounds exciting!!! Thanks for the photos ;)

  8. Thanks merce-san,

    Jeepney is an interesitng vehicle!
    I want to try that fish balls ;)

  9. Hi jo,

    Yes, jo! He understands my dreams and passions. That is the biggest reason I love him!!! I hope we can be happy :D

  10. Hi betty,

    Thanks for your comment!
    I'm glad you liked my posts :D


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