Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Kobe Pudding Smoothie

I'm making smoothie every morning lately because I have many frozen bananas in my freezer.

This morning, I mixed Kobe pudding with banana and milk because it was pretty sweet for me to eat as-is. I made a swirl with caramel sauce. It was delicious!!!

I've just been to the post office and found that the weather was super fine with a nice breeze. It should be a great day to eat outside! Unfortunately I don't have a plan to go out, though... I bought Hello Kitty stamps since I was in a good mood :)

Like merce-san says, the second round love is sweeter than ever!!! Am I a simple girl?! Just by changing my perspective, I really want to tell him that I love him (from my heart) every day and spend the most time with him. He was really surprised with this change and asked me how long I can last. I think I can last this forever because I learned it from my mistake ;)

Oh, unfortunate thing here... I was asked for a TV interview recently, but I needed to decline it because our home is small and untidy like a studio... What a shame!!! Maybe we can look for a new house someday soon ;)

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  1. Hello Ochi,

    Love the hello kitty stamps, the cat is really popular there! Remember love is a mutual thing, he's asking you how long it will last, he must remain positive too!

    We're very much equal rights here in the U.S. I'm a fighter and don't hesitate to state my mind, which women of modern times do. I know men demand much respect, but so do women! The day has come for women to not bow down to men! :)

    P.S. I love frozen bananas in smoothies. I'll have to get some!

  2. Ochi,

    I love that Hello Kitty stamps!! You know my mum and I had a similar hobby which is collecting stamps..

    I really hope I can get those Hello Kitty stamps too!I'm sure my mum will love them so much!

    You lead a very healthy life,Ochi.Smoothies for every morning sound good for our health but I don't have those time for smoothies.

    I always late for work..I like to lie on my bed until the time almost reach.I'm so lazy..

  3. Kombanwa ochisan.

    For how many days,your blog topic is already bright and very sweet.
    Thanks god for light of your love.

    But before i simple shots post.
    10,000 pesos=20000 yen around.

  4. Hi jo,

    I think I need to remein positive, too! Thanks for your advice!!! I can't say I am 100% okay because it has been just a few days since I changed my mind, so I sometimes get anxious. You know... Like you said before about your ex-bf, it takes time.

    I know what you mean! I say whatever I think to my bf, so I thought I need to respect him once in a while ;)

    I had smoothie again this morning!

  5. Hi jose,

    I used to collect stamps, too!!!
    Now I send e-mails to my friends, but I used to write letters often ;)

    BTW these stamps are stickers... I like ones like before (not stickers). You know what I mean!?

    I wake up 2 hours before I leave home! It's nice if you have time in the morning. Just try!!!

  6. Hi merce-san,

    Thanks for your advice! I really appreciate it!!!
    How come you know that well about LOVE?!

  7. Ochi,

    You wake up 2 hour earlier??!! Then may I know what time you wake up?

    I need to go out at 7am,so if I wake up 2 hour earlier...I think this would be crazy.5am!!!

  8. Konnichwa Ochisan.

    Well,when you had a smooth relationship with your partner,you can clearly understand.
    what love is...
    With your partner in life,you must have to be patience,trust,understand whatever his weather today,tomorrow or next day.

    and before i said "yes i do"to my husband,i know that being in love is not only the feelings,but it has a very big,sacrifices,obligations,and consequences.
    being your friend,i will tell you prankly,marriage contract is not the only proof that you are partner,but,being with you each other forever.

    Happy Friday!

  9. Hi jose,

    I'm crazy! I wake up at 5am! Ha-ha!!!
    But I take shower and eat breakfast, so I need time, you know ;)

  10. Hi merce-san,

    I hope my bf understands this... I hope I'm not a good girl trying to believe him again... Kind of mixed up feelings once in a while. Hmm... I hope time heals everything!

  11. Ochi, really wake up at 5am?! You're crazy..haha

    What time you sleep then??I don't think I can wake up this early..

  12. Hi jose,

    I got used to wake up early, so it is not a pain ;)

    I sleep at 11 or 12. My work is slow, so I can rest at work, too. Ha-ha :D

  13. Ochi,

    Your work is slow??I'm so curious now..

    Actually I never realised that I never knew what you do for living.I knew that you love to cook..

    I think I really did not know you so much.Sorry..:(

  14. Hi jose,

    Right! I haven't told you or write about my work on my posts
    I work at a trading company and sell software via website.
    I work from 9-5. I cook after work plus the weekends.
    Don't be sorry. I hope you get it :)


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