Thursday, September 10, 2009


The image is the lunch I had one day with my boyfriend at DEAN & DELUCA near home. A little bit expensive but they serve nice light-taste dishes, so we go there once in a while. What we've got on this day was: grilled vegetables salad, crab meat and asparagus sandwich, and jambalaya. Another day we had cabbage and shrimp panini, which was really simple and delicious. Their "Super Premium Ice Cream" is great, too! I will post about it when we get a chance to have it ;)

The weather today is super fine with the blue sky! I wish I could go out for dinner tonight, but my boyfriend said he is busy... will see...

Anyway, I have hula class tonight. I can't believe how fast the week is going! I braided my hair to create a wavy hair again!

Aloha ;D

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  1. The food looks superb Ochi, I think I could eat out a lot in Japan! Weather has been super great too! Have fun at Hula class!

  2. Thanks jo!

    Yes. I think you love Japanese food in Japan :)

    I just came home. It's already 0am...
    Tomorrow is Friday, so I need to use my last power!!!

  3. Ochi,

    The salad looked delicious..Wish I can eat them too..

    You have so many energy for hula class.Normally you directly go hula class after work ??how many hours you attend hula class per day?

  4. Hi jose,

    The salad was great ;)

    Yes. I go to the GYM directly from work. The class is 45min but it starts late, so I work out for about an hour before. Just once a week, so it's not a big deal!

    BTW I will translate the recipe today, if possible!!!


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