Wednesday, September 9, 2009

KAO Prettia Bubble Hair Coloring: Natural Ash

Prettia Bubble Hair Coloring is my favorite hair coloring product! Yesterday I found that jose uses the same product to dye her hair! I use Natural Ash :D

Amazingly, one box is enough to dye my long hair! It uses foam, so it evenly blends into hair quickly. Non messy application :) It contains the extracts of Amino and Royal Jelly to minimize the dyeing damage and restore the hair, which is wonderful!

Since there is such a great product, I don't go to the hair salon to dye my hair for a long time! Anyway, check my hair color on my previous posts ;)

How do you dye your hair?!

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  1. Ochi,

    I love this product too...I think I will keep on using this or maybe even recommend it to friends.

    But why the packaging is different??And the name different too..Ours call "Liese"..

  2. Hi jose,

    That's a good point! I'll let you know if I find why ;)

  3. Kombanwa ochisan.
    you too by yourself?
    coz,my husband too...

  4. Hi Ochi

    I too use a dark brown or ash color too! Do you need to dye your hair, for gray coverage you and Jose seem so young to be dying your hair!

    I just added my product to the roots this time, and worked the colorant to the ends for the last 10 minutes. This way my ends don't get so fried and saturated with dark color. My hair seems healthier when I apply this way!

  5. Hello, I am Marta, very much taste, I have liked very much your blog, am very interesting, it is important for you if igoes visiting it?

    In spain I have never seen it, I use L'oreal's permanent dye, but one gets dark the root immediately, it(he,she) me grows very rapidly, and I do not like to dye very often because it(he,she) damages the hair.

    KISSEES ^^

  6. Hi merce-san,

    Yes! Because I know what color I want and I can save money ;)

  7. Hi jo,

    My hair is really black if I don't do anything, so that is why!

    You know what to do!!! Yes. I have my own way to dye my hair, too ;) Very interesting to know your's!!!

  8. Hi Marta y Hiro,

    Thanks for your comment!!!

    Yes. It damages your hair, but some products are really good. Like this one, it seems like not damaging my hair that much.

    We have L'oreal in Japan, too :)

    Have you ever been to Japan? Do you know Shibuya 109? I think you love there ;)

  9. Hi,

    I was searching for reviews on Liese ash brown bubble hair dye and got to your page.

    How did the ash colour turn out on your hair? From knowledge, to get the ash tone, bleaching is a definite must. Hence, for DIY ash tone, would the colour have a tint of ash?

    Thanx so much if you could reply. Appreciate it! =)

    PS: I tried finding for your photos to see the hair colour but they are quite small.

  10. Hi jo,

    Sorry for this late reply. I posted my reply on your page ;)

    In addition, it depends on your hair, so no one can tell how it works on your hair. It wasn't bad for me ;)

  11. Ochi ^^

    Hi! I love to read your posts related to make up, hair and beauty stuffs.

    It would be great if you create a second Youtube channel with tutorials like: how I dye my hair. :)

    Did you just use this product to get this color or did you bleach?
    (my hair is black and when I dye it doesn't change the color so much. If I use Wella Color Perfect in Ash blonde it gets a little bit red... :(

    Kiss from a Brazilian-Japanese ^^

  12. Heleee, thanks for stopping by!!!

    i already replied to you at fb but i hope it comes out nice on you!!!


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