Thursday, September 24, 2009


This week, we had three consecutive holidays, which we call silver week: 21st (Respect-for-Senior-Citizens Day / Keiro no hi), 22nd (National Holiday / Kokumin no kyujitsu), and 23rd (Autumnal Equinox Day / Shubun no hi). Our silver week was great! On 22nd and 23rd, my boyfriend and I visited his family home in Hikone city (in Shiga prefecture). It is about 2 hours by Shinkansen from Tokyo.

On the day of arrival, we had lunch with his parents at a sushi restaurant called Izukiyo. Last time I saw them was about 2 years ago in 2007, so they were really happy to see me again. His mom was doing super fine. She rapidly recovered from the illness!!!

After lunch, my boyfriend took me to Hikone Castle! Hikone Castle is the most famous historical site in Hikone. We enjoyed walking the castle road lined with food and souvenir shops. We had Hayashiya (林屋)'s local brew beer, which was super refreshing and delicious.

At night, I requested his dad to cook something for us! He used to own a teppanyaki restaurant, so he is a great cook! He cooked us croquettes. Yay! I really love homemade food. Maybe someday I want to cook something for them ;)

The next morning, his younger brother who got married and have a child came to see us! I met them for the first time. His child was so cute. I hope I can have a child someday.

Earlier in the day, we left for Kyoto. We just had few hours until the return train, so we made a quick plan to do sightseeing. I will write about it tomorrow ;)

See you again!!!

I will catch up with the replies today or so.

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  1. Ochi,

    Wow,your silver weekend was fun and relaxing.I wish my weekend was a bit adventuruos too..

    I love croquettes too!!!Especially potatos with cheese..I know tenppayaki.We had lots of this shops and stalls here in Singapore.

    I love your dress too!

  2. I haven't been Hikone for such a long time. Last time I went Hikone is probably closed to 20 years ago.

    Hikone Castle has several unique feature from architecture stand point of view. So, it is actually good photo subject.

    Anyway, glad you are having great time.

  3. Hi jose,

    I know what you mean!!!
    I always try to enjoy the weekend because it is the only time I spend with him.

    Potatoes with cheese sounds delicious! I need to try that once ;)

  4. Hi Hide-san,

    Wow! 20 years ago?!
    Is my photo capturing the castle correctly?! Ha-ha!!!


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