Thursday, September 3, 2009

My Accomplishments

Not that many for August, but I will list my accomplishments.

On 8/9, I won the Special Prize at summer vegetable contest. I received a box of muskmelon by submitting my Summer Vegetable Steamed Rice.

On 8/10, my Scrambled Chinese Chive And Egg Bowl won the Easy Supplement Rice Award. The contest was held by Cookpad and they asked for rice bowls with good nutrition.

On 8/10, my Fresh Tomato Tan-Tan Noodle won the Second Prize at Suntory's noodle contest using their natural water. The contest was also held by Cookpad.

On 8/27, I got Honorable Mention at the instant coffee contest. I don't know which recipe received the prize but the image is one of the recipes I submitted. It's a Korean Style Coffee Tuna Bowl.

On 8/28, I received the Effort Award at the fresh mozzarella cheese recipe contest organized by recipe blog. I submitted my Korean Italian Nems.

As usual, I won some give aways: lotion sample, organic bonito rice toppings, kefir, natural soap, Ginza fresh pasta tasting coupon, and placenta supplements.

Tonight I have hula class again. I brought my plumeria lei and hair accessory along with my pa'u skirt ;) To enjoy more, I braided my hair to create a wavy hair. I will unbraid it before the class. I can't wait!!!

I am posting the pic that I took with my cell for my boyfriend. He-he.

Aloha :D

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