Thursday, September 3, 2009

My Accomplishments

Not that many for August, but I will list my accomplishments.

On 8/9, I won the Special Prize at summer vegetable contest. I received a box of muskmelon by submitting my Summer Vegetable Steamed Rice.

On 8/10, my Scrambled Chinese Chive And Egg Bowl won the Easy Supplement Rice Award. The contest was held by Cookpad and they asked for rice bowls with good nutrition.

On 8/10, my Fresh Tomato Tan-Tan Noodle won the Second Prize at Suntory's noodle contest using their natural water. The contest was also held by Cookpad.

On 8/27, I got Honorable Mention at the instant coffee contest. I don't know which recipe received the prize but the image is one of the recipes I submitted. It's a Korean Style Coffee Tuna Bowl.

On 8/28, I received the Effort Award at the fresh mozzarella cheese recipe contest organized by recipe blog. I submitted my Korean Italian Nems.

As usual, I won some give aways: lotion sample, organic bonito rice toppings, kefir, natural soap, Ginza fresh pasta tasting coupon, and placenta supplements.

Tonight I have hula class again. I brought my plumeria lei and hair accessory along with my pa'u skirt ;) To enjoy more, I braided my hair to create a wavy hair. I will unbraid it before the class. I can't wait!!!

I am posting the pic that I took with my cell for my boyfriend. He-he.

Aloha :D

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  1. Ochi,

    Can I have the recipes for the Summer Vegetable Steamed Rice?? I wish to try this dish!!

    You have a very long hair,Ochi.How many years did you keep your hair??Now I'm going to keep my hair long..

  2. Hi jose,

    Okay! No problem!!! Do you have a rice cooker???

    I think I am keeping my hair long for more than 10 years!!! I always cut straight across the bottom (just damaged part of the hair) :)

  3. Ochi,

    Yup,I had a rice cooker..can't wait for your recipes!!!

    10 years were extremely long period!!Your hair looked you go for rebonding??

  4. Good evening ochisan!

    Since,you had so many accomplishments in your cooking, japan so many cooking books i saw everywhere.
    you don't have any plan to make a cookbook?

    one of your recipe,is my favorite...instant coffee.

    and thanks for sharing...i hope one of this days,i can try your recipe.
    but in my country,very difficult to find that ingredients.

  5. Hello Ochi,

    As usual your dishes are wonderful! I too like the vegetable one!

    Do you have a sweet and sour sauce recipe for stir fried vegetables, and they make a glazed tempera type at the chinese restaurant do you know what they use!

    You need to make a cookbook with all your beautiful dishes! I know it would sell!

    Hula dancing sounds fun! More my speed can't dance so fast anymore! ha! ha! :)

  6. That's great jose!

    Okay, I will translate the recipe sometime later when I have time ;)

    I don't do anything to my hair but I use the treatment that you apply before you dry your hair. I am now using L'OCCITANE!

  7. Hi merce-san,

    I wish I could make a cookbook someday but not finding an opportunity yet.

    You love instant coffee? Do you cook something using it?

    I know it is hard to find all the ingredients! I'm glad if you find my recipes informative.

  8. Hi jo,


    I know what you mean by "sweet and sour sauce recipe". But that food sounds Chinese!!! Actually I am not sure how to make that taste. I know how in Japanese way but it is different from the one you say. Maybe jose might know it!!!

    Yes! I want to make a cookbook someday. Maybe in English, too!!!

    Hula is basically slow, so I think you can try ;)

  9. Good Morning!

    I'm sorry but,i don't know any recipe regarding this coffee.
    i'm just drinking everymorning.

    And about my simple shots.

    Durian smell is very strong.specially my city is very strict now.
    before,no smoking,but now we had a new law,no spitting.

  10. Hi merce-san,

    I got it about the coffee!

    Really?! Are there that many people eating durian in the city?! That's interesting to know!!!

  11. Yes,many people ate durians,but only by areas.or inside your house.
    but some places,like hotels,hospitals.they will not allowed to enter durian inside.

  12. Hi merce-san,

    Really!? Very interesting!
    Thanks for your comment!!!


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