Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Okinawan Cuisine @ Yura

It was still Tuesday, but I went out to eat Okinawan cuisine near home with my boyfriend last night. Last time we went there was May 2008! Time flies. I should have loved him more at that time because that thing happened in July... oh shit! It reminds me back again!!!

Anyway, we enjoyed the food there! Especially the gourd chanpuru (top left image) cooked with SPAM meat was interesting! It was juicy, spongy, and delicious! I had a glass of Awamori (Okinawan shochu) along with the dishes. It's alcohol content was 45%! Wow!!! Sorry for bad photo quality because I took them with my cell-phone...

When I got home, I was really tired and drowsy. I slept in the tub for a while... oops! And I am still drowsy now... need to have a cup of coffee. BTW, I've recently got acnes on my chin. I searched the net and found that they are from stress! Damn!!! Maybe because I worried too much last month... Mind and body is truly connected!

Let's smile and keep up :)

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