Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Okinawan Cuisine @ Yura

It was still Tuesday, but I went out to eat Okinawan cuisine near home with my boyfriend last night. Last time we went there was May 2008! Time flies. I should have loved him more at that time because that thing happened in July... oh shit! It reminds me back again!!!

Anyway, we enjoyed the food there! Especially the gourd chanpuru (top left image) cooked with SPAM meat was interesting! It was juicy, spongy, and delicious! I had a glass of Awamori (Okinawan shochu) along with the dishes. It's alcohol content was 45%! Wow!!! Sorry for bad photo quality because I took them with my cell-phone...

When I got home, I was really tired and drowsy. I slept in the tub for a while... oops! And I am still drowsy now... need to have a cup of coffee. BTW, I've recently got acnes on my chin. I searched the net and found that they are from stress! Damn!!! Maybe because I worried too much last month... Mind and body is truly connected!

Let's smile and keep up :)

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  1. Ochi,

    Slept in the bath tub!! I wish I had my own bath tub too.. :( but because we rent room outside,so just forget about the bath tub.The owner will never provide one for us.I wish I had my own house someday.

    You know,it's hard for us to buy a house here because every place seem really expensive!! I heard others said that Singapore's flat cost S$ can I afford?

  2. Hi Ochi,

    You should really consider becoming a restaurant critic. You are doing this job already, with as much as you and your boyfriend go out and eat! Be fun to get paid for what you enjoy doing!

    I wish you would stop blaming yourself, for that bad thing, we all have choices and we know the right ones to make! That doesn't give the other person the right to cheat!! :)

  3. Hi ochisan!

    That fish is shisumo(i dont know the spelling)i loved to eat that fish.

    yes,you're right...before i had so many pimples in my back too...

    Anyway,my simple shots post.

    Yes,after the parade was left,soon they clean-up.

    and the other one,i'm using my canon IXY.

  4. Hi jose,

    I know! It's my dream, too, to have my own house someday!!!
    But you are going one step at a time! You now got your own kitchen, which is good!!!
    Singapore sounds expensive but it's same in Tokyo. I don't know how we can afford it but I want a house!!! Rely on Ken! He-he-he!!!

  5. Ho jo,

    Am I doing that job?! I am really curious to see that TV program. You are right. It is fun if I can earn money by eating out!!!

    Thanks for your words. My mind just goes back and forth... I will believe in what I chose from now on!

  6. Hi merce-san,

    Oh, you mean "sashimi"? Can you eat raw fish?!
    I'm sorry to hear about the pimples... but I know how you felt at that time. I need to take things easy X(
    I sometimes use canon IXY, too ;)
    You use it really well!!!

  7. Kombanwa Ochisan.

    Actually,i can't read the japanese manual,i'm just trying,and having a hard time,to practice.
    but i still love my's easy to used.
    even i don't have a manual.

    yes,and i really loved it.

    anyway,i'm lucky this time.i got a multiple entry visa.
    and also my ticket is ready.
    we are going to japan,this coming nov.05.and by nov.08 we will attain a wedding ceremony in shibuya.

    c u soon!
    hope that time,you are not busy....

  8. Hi merce-san,

    What is multiple entry visa?! Is that something that you can come to Japan for several times?

    Really?! That sounds nice :) I hope I can see you then!!!


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