Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Rice Ball at am/pm! (私のおにぎりがam/pmで発売されます♪)

Remember it or not, in July, my "Black Gomoku Rice Ball" won the highest award at the cereal rice recipe contest and now it is commercialized! It will be sold at am/pm (convenience stores) from 9/29!!!

On Sunday, I received a few samples of it and tasted them with my boyfriend. It was fabulicious!!! The flavor of ingredients were nicely sealed in the rice ball. It's taste made me want more! I didn't expect it to become this perfect, so I am very satisfied with it :D

This rice ball "Kurogomoku Onigiri" will be available at 128yen ($1.28) at am/pm in Kanto, Kansai and Kyushu area for a month from 9/29. I will report about it again when it went on sale!

Let me write the detail in Japanese, too ;)

The weather is nice again today. Yesterday, I forgot to get off the train to go to the GYM, so I will definitely work out today!

See ya ;)

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  1. Ochi,

    You're so successful!!! What it felt when your own products were on town and you can see peoples eating your rice ball??Must be incredible!!

    Did they pay you for the recipes??I mean something like franshise?

  2. Congratulations!
    You made it,and it's proven...

    I hope not only in that area,but in whole japan.why only that area?

    from the buttom of my heart,i'm really happy for you.
    how about your boyfriend comment?
    is he happy for you too?

  3. Yes,you made a right guess...

    Have A Good night sleep!

  4. Yippee Ochi,

    Congrads on your product too bad you can't have your own restaurant, and sell your own creations. Maybe something to think about in the future!

    I hope you make a commission or percentage for the ones they sell! Looks delicious, wish I could try one! I'll have to check out your recipe!

    Keep going and the best will come to you!

  5. WOW! おめでとう! That is awesome! Will you get any tiny profits if they sell a lot of rice-balls? I will definitely buy one (or two or three!!)

  6. Hi jose,

    Not that successful, jose. But I think I was lucky!
    They paid me one time but basically this commodification is the prize, so I don't get more than that.
    I can't wait the day of its release!!!

  7. Hi merce-san,


    Maybe the whole of country is too large in scale.
    Anyway, thanks to this opportunity ;)

    Yes. My bf was happy and he said he will buy it every day! Ha-ha!!!

  8. Merce-san,

    Have a good day ;)

  9. Thank you jo,

    I hope my luck won't run out!!!
    I wish I could have this kind of chance again in the near future.

  10. Hi fran,

    Thanks! I hope it will be available in your area ;)
    Like I said to jose, this commodification was the prize for the contest, so there is no other profit.
    Anyway, I am happy that many people can try my rice ball soon!

  11. mmm, my previous comment yesterday is not reflectecd... I guess it did not go.


  12. Thanks hide-san!
    I'm sorry for this late reply.

    It is now at stores ;)


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