Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Wedding After Party at the Beach

On Saturday my boyfriend and I attended my friend's wedding after party (sorry I can't post a large image without permission). It was for the first time in 3 years to see her! I also met the other friend at that time. He came there with his daughter. Time flies!!!

The party was held at the beach in Kamakura. We had a barbecue party there. Time there was relaxing and I could savor the feelings of resort. My friend and her hubby were in love with each other. The beach was filled with love and happiness. It was a wonderful party. I had a good time with my boyfriend. They made us all happy :)

Best wishes for a beautiful life together.

Anyway, I cannot believe the summer has ended already. There have been many ups and downs this summer... whew... but it was very important time for me because it made me realize once again that I love my boyfriend.

Oops... I forgot to tell you something. The typhoon #11 was not a big deal... he-he-he! I'm glad nothing bad happened.

Bye for now!!!

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  1. Ochi,

    Wow..your weekend looked amazing!Beach sound relaxing and calm for me..it was nice to have party some where near beach as long as the weather is fine.

    Your blue dress suit you well,Ochi.Don't tell me Forever 21 again??Haha..both of us are the Forever 21 fans.

    I was happy to hear that both of you and your boyfriend had a great time together.

    Happy always!

  2. Ami-chan,

    Thank you for coming to our party*
    TJ-kun ni 4649!

  3. Hi Ohci,

    What a wonderful place to have a reception. Did your friend get married on the beach! What a pretty beach!

    Your dress was gorgeous! What kind of wedding are you dreaming of having! Nice photos!

  4. Hi jose,

    Yes. The forecast was rain but the weather was unexpectedly fine, so we had a great time :)

    Ha-ha! The dress is not from Forever 21 but was 10 bucks ;)
    But yes, I love Forever 21!!! I wish I could go there again someday!!!

    Thank you for all your concern! I am doing fine with him!!!

  5. Kazue-chan,

    Nope! No problem!!!
    Sorry for making you worry!!!
    I'm falling in love with him again. Funny, right?!
    But I like myself in this way!
    I think "LOVE LOVE" is the key for a permanent relationship ;)

  6. Hi jo,

    She got married on a different day with her relatives. We saw her wedding dress on this day. She was really beautiful!!!

    I don't know yet how I want my wedding to be... But I want to have our wedding in NY :) Maybe I need to start thinking of it!!!

  7. Hello ochisan!

    Thank you for sharing again,your memorable days.
    you had a perfect bonding again,i hope this will be the sign.

  8. Yes! merce-san!!!

    It was nice that I could attend the party with him on this day.


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