Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dogs OK! Yoga Club

On Sunday, my boyfriend and I had a dinner with my family at a restaurant called Yoga Club since my dad temporarily came back from China (he works away from home). The restaurant is well known for its wild yeast bread. We ordered many different kinds of dishes and shared ;)

It was for the first time that our dog "Milk" joined us. He is a miniature poodle. Which pics do you think is cute? My sis says my shots are not cute... Two of them are taken by my sis. What do you think?!

Now typhoon #18 is approaching eastern Japan. According to the agency, it will make a landfall on the 8th. I hope not because I have a hula class at night!!!

Let's take care!

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  1. Ochi,

    You own a dog??I never knew that..haha

    He's cute,by the way.But I scare dog.I scare them lick or come near my legs.Haha..I'm so weak!

  2. Your dinner looked wonderful.

    So neat that you can take a dog in a restaurant, I never saw that here.

    I like the top left and bottom left photos of Milk. I didn't know you had a poodle!

    Try to be safe from the typhoon!

  3. Hi jose,

    Nope. It's my sister's dog.
    Me, too. I am scared to touch dogs and cats X(
    I hope he become attached to me someday!

  4. Hi jo,

    Like I said to jose, it is my sis's dog.
    There are many restaurants where you can take dogs here!
    Top left is mine and bottom left is my sis's!
    I'm glad you said you like both :)


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