Friday, August 5, 2011

Pumpkin Sashimi - Video Recipe

I made up this idea. Kabocha Sashimi does not exist, but it is very addictive and super delicious!!! Some people asked me how it tastes like. It is just like eating avocado with soy sauce ;) hehe

I used Kanten (agar agar powder) to firm up the Kabocha (Japanese Squash). Kanten contains a lot of fiber. It cleanses your digestive tract and cures constipation. Good for your health!

Kanten (agar agar powder) is a coagulant extracted from a seaweed called Tengusa. It is different from gelatin that you have to boil it until the boiling point, or it won't firm up!

Kanten (Agar Agar Powder)

Kabocha (Japanese Squash) Sashimi

Difficulty: Easy
Time: 20min + 60min cooling time
Number of servings: 4

Necessary Equipment:
mesh strainer

400g (14oz.) Kabocha (Japanese Squash)
200ml soy milk (you can use milk)
4g (2 tsp.) Kanten powder (agar-agar powder)
soy sauce

1. Scoop out the seeds of Kabocha and microwave on medium (500W) for 3 minutes to make it easy to cut.
2. Cut Kabocha into large chunks and remove the skin. Place them in a microwavable dish, cover with plastic wrap, and microwave on medium (500w) for 5 minutes until tender (cooked through).
3. Mash Kabocha using a fork while they are hot. Then push through the mesh strainer to strain.
4. Put soy milk and Kanten in a pot, then mix well. Bring to a boil and simmer for 2~3 minutes, mixing constantly. *Please watch carefully and turn down the heat a little bit if it starts to dry out.
5. Immediately, add the Kanten mixture into the mashed Kabocha and mix well.
6. Pour the mixture into a square container and cool in the fridge for about and hour to set.
7. Slice and serve with soy sauce and Wasabi if you like.

レシピ (日本語)

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  1. Thanks Ochi. I love pumpkin - its my favorite vegetable - but I always thought it was just for winter. I am excited to try this dish. おいしいそう!

  2. thanks fran for stopping by!

    aiden is having a nap?! hehe

    you might know how to use kanten, but i think it was pretty complicated for people who don't use kanten... i was just asked what can be a substitute for kanten... and thought there is no ready substitute for it X(

  3. we call it agar agar powder here. you can easily transform this into a pumpkin jelly too by taking out the savoury ingredients. i like the texture of jellies made by kanten :)

  4. Seeing as I love both pumpkin-flavored anything and sashimi, I can't wait to try this out!

  5. Hey Ochi! I hope you have fun at the festival! Please take some photos and post them here so we can all see! =D

    Wow I never had pumpkin sashimi before! This seems so creative and unique! Im sure it tastes great =)

  6. ‪hi grub,‬
    ‪i never tried pumpkin jelly! that sounds interesting :D‬

  7. hi grace,
    yeah, i go for pumpkin flavored anything, too! since it sounds healthy ;) hehe

  8. hi suki,
    the festival was really small. haha but i enjoyed seeing children dancing bon odori ;D


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