Monday, November 30, 2009


Hi there!

On Sunday, my sister gave me a box of chocolates.
Don't you think it cool?!
Our picture is printed on each piece! After you ate them, you can re-use the chocolate wrappers for your original cell-phone charms or magnets!

TIROL-CHOCO is a manufacturer of cute and cheap square chocolates. Their collection is here. Mostly, you can find them at the cash register. This printed version is called DECO CHOCO (it stands for Chocolate Decoration). What a smart idea! I'm gonna order more for my return gifts or something :D

On Saturday evening, after 3 weeks, we finally went on a restaurant wedding tour in Daikanyama. The shopping mall near the restaurant was illuminated romantically! I will write about the restaurant tomorrow if I get a chance!

It's getting cold, so my boyfriend was sneezing all day long yesterday. I hope he didn't catch a cold.

Take care!!!
Wash your hands and gargle frequently!!!

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