Friday, November 27, 2009

Tonkatsu @ Keitei

This is something about last Monday, the holiday (Labor Thanksgiving Day). My boyfriend and I've been to Futako-Tamagawa to take some time out to relax. On this day, I finally bought a new notebook for 2010! We were thinking of having a cup of coffee at Starbucks but there were so many people on this day (since it was a sunny holiday) that we couldn't find a seat! So, we decided to go to Afternoon Tea :) There was a line but we could be seated sooner. Their set menu was cool! You can pick 3 cakes with a cup of tea of your choice! I chose an apple pie, pumpkin pudding, and Camembert cheesecake with cranberry apple tea. My boyfriend chose a green herb tea! We shared the cakes. They were delicate and delicious! I took time and write my notebook and my boyfriend was reading Kindle. We both had a good time.

Then for dinner, we had Tonkatsu at Keitei. I haven't written about the restaurant before, but we've been here for many times since my boyfriend loves tonkatsu. Tonkatsu is a pork cutlet. It's a popular dish in Japan. At Keitei, you can get 4 different kinds of tsukemono (Japanese pickles), rice, cabbage, and tonjiru (pork miso soup) along with the cutlet! You can have free refills on tsukemono, rice and cabbage!!!

While eating, we always talk happily about anything. But last night, we had a fight again... He went out for a drink before he came home and he slept right after without any conversation!!! I was waiting for him to talk about things we need to lay out, so I got out of temper and said he's unenterprising! Then he shouted and said he wants to sleep! Can you believe it?! I really want to say he needs to do his best to get up and at least listen to my story... Or, do I need to wait until the next dinner time together?! I don't know what he's thinking and what's his priority.

Anyway, good news! I received the result of the physical and everything was fine. I mean, my blood cholesterol levels were reduced!!! To tell the truth, it was rising year by year and I was kind of worried, but since I started to go to the GYM everyday, it drastically improved to normal!!! I truly think effort will be rewarded.

I would say to myself, never give up, for anything!

It's nice and warm outside!
Gonna shop new clothes after work because I can't find anything to wear! jose knows why! He-he ;)

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  1. Wow Ohchi,

    You sure have a lot of restaurants there.!! We don't eat out much here, the price is so high anymore! I take food and drink to work!

    Seems your boyfriend wants to avoid fighting, or put it off! Hard to know what men think. Reminds me of a very funny video about the man and women subject. I'll have to find it and send it you or post it on my blog!

  2. Hello ochisan!
    This afternoon tea set,i tried once.
    but tonkatsu always.

  3. Hi Ochi!

    The food looks amazing, and is that you in the picture? you are so cute!!
    and I really like the pullover you are wearing, it looks great on you.

    I am sorry to hear about your fight, but I understand you, I do the same with my husband. I have learned to not say anything while I am mad, and instead try to think about why I am feeling so angry. Then, I calmly explain what is going on in my head. Sometimes that helps a lot, and can open up an adult discussion.

    Good luck to you, and I hope things between you and your boyfriend get better soon!

  4. Hi Ochi,

    You had the most enjoyable day...

    I showed to Ken both of your photos..guess what he said??

    Ken said you looked like ABC(american born chinese) more than Japanese..and he said you're pretty too..

    Have a nice day

  5. Hello jo,

    Yes. I do take food and drink everyday to work, but mostly lazy on weekends :P The restaurants here run the gamut! You can eat out anything in various price range.

    Did you find the video?! Sounds interesting!!! Hard to know what he's thinking while we fight!

  6. Hello merce-san,

    Really?! Did you like it?! I guess you know many yummy sweets in Japan :)

  7. Hi ThedaBara,

    That pullover was 1,000 yen. I bought it last winter. He-he. I'm glad you liked it.

    I hope I can do the same thing, not to say anything while I'm mad!!! Bad thing about me is I say something unpleasant in a calm manner... which worsen the situation :(

    Thanks anyway! I will try not to give up!!!

  8. Hi jose,

    Oh, thanks Ken, that is nice :D

    I know you two know how to enjoy things together. I always hope to do so, too!


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