Monday, December 21, 2009

Arferique Shirogane

It was a super busy weekend again X( We visited 2 wedding salons this weekend since we realized we need to decide a date for our wedding by the end of the year to reserve a good date in 2010!!!

The first one was Arferique Shirogane. After looking at their webpage, we thought their pool is huge, but it wasn't! Needless to say, I think it is always good to visit the place to make sure!

On this day, there was an actual wedding ceremony. Funny but we peeped into the hall while people aren't in use.

The wedding salon was adjacent to the wedding hall, so they served us a sample dessert plate for the party. We had a plan to move over to the next salon, so it was a perfect snack! Especially for my darling! He cannot concentrate on things when he is starving... ha-ha.

The next salon was pretty interesting. We are going to visit their wedding halls on Wednesday the holiday (The Emperor's Birthday). I will write about it later when I get a chance.

Busy Monday! I already gave up to go to the GYM this afternoon. Whew...

Take care!!!

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