Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hatahata Nabe @ Robataya

Sometimes I learn a lot from eating out.

Last Saturday, my darling and I went to an izakaya called Robataya and had hatahata nabe (hot pot). Hatahata is a fish called Arctoscopus japonicus in English. It's a local specialty of Akita Prefecture. I knew the fish called hatahata but never had a chance to try it. It was very sticky with chewy eggs X(

After I got home, I found that the eggs are called "buriko" and they are coated with sticky liquid. If you salt it, the eggs become more chewy like rubber. Interesting, right?! I found a blog that explains hatahata in detail. Please click here to learn more.

It is sunny and the temp this week is warmer than last week :D

Tomorrow is a holiday (The Emperor's Birthday), so I will come back on Thursday. Have a good day!

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