Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Okinawan Cuisine @ Yura

Last Saturday, we again went to Yura to eat Okinawan cuisine! My darling and I sat at the bar counter and found an interesting jar with a word "habu sake". Habu is a venomous snake living in Okinawa and Amami island chain. We turned the bottle around and found a real snake in the jar!!! eek!!!!!!! However, it says macrobiotic sake, so we ordered it!!! We thought it would smell fishy and taste like an animal, but it didn't. The habu was soaked in rum with sugar, so it was nice and sweet. It costs about 10 bucks per glass but we thought it was worth to try!

Mostly, we don't drink but eat at izakaya because they charge a lot for the drinks, as you know. On this day, we had oden since it was cold. We loved the huuuuuge daikon simmered in dashi broth. Yummy!!! We had papaya champuru (Okinawan style stir-fried papaya), too. It was juicy and delicious! Grilled fish jaw was really tasty and great. We had a good dinner time :D

It's my 30th birthday today, so my darling is going to take me to a restaurant tonight. I have a plan to eat lunch out with my co-workers, too. Too many eating-outs in December!!!

I gotta go to the GYM whenever I can.

Stay healthy!

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