Thursday, December 10, 2009

Heartfelt Birthday

The time has come...

I became 30 on 12/9!!!

At night, I had a dinner with my darling. He took me to a restaurant called HEART LEAF in Shibuya. The restaurant was cute with many heart decorations. At such a cute restaurant, in the middle of our dinner, he gave me a present. It was a necklace with a cute bling-bling heart pendant! How sweet and neat!!! I was really surprised with his idea :D

All dishes were super delicious! I could eat more than I thought!!! What we ordered were "tuna carpaccio with avocado", "tomato simmered collagen chicken and beans", "grilled vegetables", and "vegetable rice omelet". Last but not least, my birthday cake was huuuuuuge!!! We first thought we couldn't eat any more, but the cake was not sweet and the fruits were delicious, so we could eat almost all of it!!! Can you believe our depthless stomach?!

But now I knew why all foods were that fabulicious! To write this post, I searched the Net for the restaurant and found that they use only domestically-produced organic ingredients (eggs, vegetables, etc...) direct from contract farmers! Therefore, their foods can be eaten safe without any question! (As you know, there are many imported food safety concerns, recently.) Of course, they used homemade sponge cake for my birthday cake! The cream they use is not sweet, so you can enjoy the true taste of fruits! You now know why we ate that much! Ha-ha!!!

Back to my birthday story, compared to my 20s, I think I would cut corners on many things in my 30s, without even noticing. To avoid this, I want to go back to basics and do my best! Plus, I want to keep smiling and stay healthy. For such a wonderful darling, I want to stay attractive in many ways forever!!!

Thanks to my darling for this memorable birthday surprise.

Lots of hearts :D

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