Thursday, December 24, 2009

Our Wedding Plan

Yesterday, my darling and I had a very busy day. We visited two wedding halls led by a wedding planner.

The halls we saw are not hotels, restaurants or guest houses. But we loved it! Believe it or not, we (actually, I...) made a snap decision without hesitation!

Luckily, the place was available on 2010/10/10. My darling suggested this date and I loved it, but all places we saw were already reserved, so I have almost given up!

I won't be writing things in detail until our wedding date, but it is going to be super CREATIVE with full of our ideas, if successful... he-he!

Can't wait to think about it with my darling :D

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  1. Ochi,

    Yup,agreed with Angeline.10/10/2010 is a good day..

    I think you will be extremely busy set up your wedding.Anyway,can't help you anything here,but hope both of you will happy 4ever

  2. Cool date Ochi, so many folks do that here too matching the year! I'm sure it'll be very lucky for you two.

    How exciting to find your hall, this is what we went with, really our original hall we picked caught on fire months before we got married, and we had to rent out another one! Crazy huh!

  3. Hello anGeLine,

    Do you call the day 大安, too?!

  4. Hi jose,

    Do you soon plan for your wedding, too?!
    Should be more romantic over there in Singapore!!!

  5. Hi jo,

    Oh, really?! That sounds crazy, but memorable!
    So, did you finally find the hall you liked?!


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