Thursday, December 24, 2009

Yummy Miso Dipping Sauce @ Tsukada Nojo

Yesterday, my darling and I had dinner at izakaya called 塚田農場 (Tsukada Nojo). As a free appetizer, they serve miso dipping sauce with raw vegetables. This kind of appetizer is very popular in Japan. But mostly, miso dipping sauce is pretty salty. However, I think their miso was best of all I had in my life! They mix tens of different kinds of minced vegetables in miso, so it is rich and tasty! Not at all salty :D I couldn't stop eating vegetables!!! Before you leave, they'll give you a small plastic case with miso. If you bring the case the next time, they'll fill it up! What a nice idea! But I hope they sell it there. I would love to buy it!!! They have 8 restaurants in Tokyo. I recommend you to go there once when you get a chance!

BTW, Tsukada Nojo is famous for Miyazaki local chicken dishes. Mostly izakaya serves foods in strong flavor since it's a drinking place. However, this izakaya serves everything in mild taste! I would say, all dishes there are great!

Changing my story, I have another post today. Which is kind of important :D

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