Thursday, December 17, 2009

Silly Me...

Am I goofy, or what?!

I always think I make a silly mistake.

Last week, I cleaned my mouse at work, off the top of my head, for the first time in 5 years, and broke... I think removing the dirt was not a good idea for my well-thumbed mouse. Anyway, I bought a new mouse with a new mouse pad, so now I'm feeling okay, but silly me...

Then, yesterday, I received my new passport. I changed my signature to my new last name along with my change in last name without thinking anything but now I realized I didn't have to change my signature! I mean, it is just a signature, so I can use my maiden name!!! I called the passport center but they told me they don't accept any change until I lost or damaged it! Oh boy...

Then again, yesterday, I bought a new ink for my pen but the color was wrong!!! I totally believed the salesperson, so I didn't check the color. Hasty shopping, double work...

Then one more for yesterday. I put a hot pan on the table without a mat, so the table was roundly burned... X( I haven't done this for many years... but why yesterday?!

I sometimes think I need to think more before I act!

Have a good one!!!

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  1. Hi ochi,
    My mouse very dirty too. I was pink color with black dirt. Now I change it to black color.

  2. Ochi,

    I love your pink mouse pad.You know,my mouse was pink but layered with black stain as well.I think I need to change one though

  3. Seems you're having a run of bad luck, here's hoping your luck will now change to gooo! I clean my mouse with lysol cleaner!

    I kept my maiden name and just added my husbands, which is very popular here for women! We all make mistakes, but I know how you feel. I try very hard to be a perfectionist too!

  4. Hi anGeLine,

    Oops. The other pink mouse was with flower patterns, so I didn't realize the dirt, but maybe this one can get dirty easily!!!

  5. Hi jose,

    You two sisters are so much alike. Ha-ha!!! This pink mouse pad is really pink! Maybe too much for work :P But it makes me happy, you know!!!

  6. Hi jo,

    I think I need to clean my mouse once in a while to keep it clean! I hope I won't give up to do so. Ha-ha!!!

    Nice law! We Japanese must change the last name, so there is no choice... Of course people can call you in maiden name, but actually it cannot be used officially. I hope I get used to my new name soon. Sorry my darling :P

    Right. We all make mistakes! Hopefully, I will soon forget about all those bad things X(


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