Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Big Clam Spaghetti @ Mia Angela

Hi! I am still busy with many stuff but want to post this before I forget :D

Yesterday, my darling finished his work earlier than usual, so we decided to go out for a dinner after work. We met at a train station and shopped around for a few minutes. When I opened my wallet, I found a winning ticket of lotto that I haven't cashed yet. I knew that I won 3,000yen ($30) but thought I have time, so I didn't care about it. Just in case, I happened to look at the back and found it should be cashed by 1/5/2010! It was already 19:00 at that time. We searched the closest lottery stands but all were closed. So, we headed to a bigger station in Shinjuku! The stand was open, but the cashable time was over at 19:00. We asked the salesclerk, but shook her head, which means NO!!! We told her that we miraculously won 3,000. Then luckily, she said okay, and we received the winning amount! Yay!!!

We upgraded our dinner idea and went to our favorite restaurant called "Mia Angela". As I mentioned before, the restaurant uses farm fresh ingredients from Hokkaido and cook them in the Italian way! We ordered red sea bream carpaccio and big clam spaghetti from today's special, and carbonara.

Like oyster, I hate clam but their seafood is distinct! I think I could overcome my dislikes there :D

You can also enjoy wines at a reasonable price. Barbaresco was recommended on this day. It was rich but refreshing with nice aroma. I wish I could go there again.

We used our cash and paid 10 bucks each! What a nice dinner!!! Plus, I bought pink leopard-print pattern blanket at 300yen ($3) as a memory at at a store near station. He-he ;)

I have a lot more to write! I will write about Kyoto soon.

Have a good day!!!

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