Thursday, January 7, 2010

Year-End Eatings in Kyoto!

Hi there! I am extremely drowsy now... so for a break, I will post about foods I had at the end of 2009.

On 12/28 my darling and I went to Otsu to say hello to my father's side grandmother. For breakfast, we had a Japanese set breakfast menu at Shinagawa station in Tokyo. Then when we arrived at Otsu, we had soba for lunch. We went to buy delicious miso at 九重みそ (Kokonoemiso)! Their white miso is rich and mild, so my family always get it for the New Year's white miso zoni!

At night, we moved to Kyoto and met my mother's side grandmother at the hotel. When we arrived there, it was already dinner time, so we went to a yummy kushiyaki (a Japanese type of skewered meats and vegetables) restaurant called 串まんま (Kushimanma). My dad loves this restaurant, so he've been here for many times! We brought our wine for drink :D

On 12/29, we bought our breakfast at a popular bakery called FRIANDISE! Their cutlet sandwich was super delicious! The meat was not greasy at all and really nice and thick!!! I took a pic with my grandma and my youngest sister. BTW, my middle sister didn't come to Kyoto since she had to work. Sorry that she missed all these yummy foods...

After breakfast, we realized we ate too much, so my dad suggested us to take a walk at Kyoto Imperial palace park (Kyoto Gyoen national garden), where I danced hula the other day ;) I don't have any pic at all, but after the walk, we had lunch with my darling's parents! It was for the first for my parents to see them. I got little nervous, but everything went fine :D Both parents agreed about our wedding reception! Whew!!!

Then after lunch, my darling and I went to shop at Shijo Street (a huge shopping street in Kyoto). I think we walked there for about 5 hours. Good exercise!!! Then for dinner, we joined my parents and had sukiyaki (nabe-style dish with sliced beef) at モリタ屋 (Moritaya). Their sukiyaki is totally awesome! I hate raw egg, but believe it or not, it was super delicious!!! I took pics of how they cooked it in front of us :D

On 12/30, my darling and I moved to Hikone to see my darling's parents again. We had lunch at obanzai restaurant called 京百菜 (Kyohyakusai). Obanzai is small appetizer dishes that usually goes good with white rice. The restaurant was buffet style, so I ate as much as I can. Whew... When we arrived at Hikone, we said hello to my darling's grandparents! Actually, it was for the first time to see them. For dinner, we had yakiniku at a restaurant called Ibukitei. Their meats were really soft and delicious. OMG, I ate too much again!!! The green tea Swiss roll was a souvenir for his parents. Of course we had it at night :P

Then on 12/31, we went back to Tokyo. For souvenir from Hikone, I bought 糸切餅 (itokirimochi), which is a famous rice cake with salty read bean paste. We bought special bento sold at Maibara station for lunch and had it on the train back to Tokyo.

Lots of eatings!!! I think I need to exercise a lot before I put on fat!

Oh no, I'm still way behind on replies... I will catch up soon!

I gotta go now. See you again!

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