Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

I'm writing my post finally! I hope everyone is doing fine.

My darling and I came back from Kyoto on 12/31. We had a lot of yummy foods there!!! I hope I can post them later.

Anyway, new year's holidays are passing very fast! We have only 2 days left until the first day of work...

As usual, I cooked new year's food (osechi ryori). This year, I used ingredients which my mom bought at Nishiki Ichiba: famous shopping streets in Kyoto.

I cooked white miso zoni (a Japanese new year's soup containing mochi rice cakes) along with it. Believe it or not, mochi rice cake in this zoni tastes nice if you dip it into kinako (soybean flour with sugar). I saw this on TV and tried it and was great!

I wish you a full of health and lots of smile throughout the year 2010 :D

Talk to you later!

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  1. Mandi Webster-MartinJanuary 3, 2010 at 4:28 AM

    What beautiful presentation! Happy New Year, Ochi!

  2. Ochi,

    Finally you showed up again!!Haha..miss your post.How ya doing??

    Foods in photos seem delicious and colorful.Next time you should show me how to cook those.

    Happy New Year

  3. Happy New Year Ochi,

    I received an email from my cousin there in Japan! He said very cold weather there too, it's sooo cold here!

    I'm making many different soups! The oriental store that I shopped at is gone! So I must travel further to get my oriental food supplies!

    Check your email on You Tube, I sent you a funny email! Let me know when you view it! :)

  4. Hi Tornadoes28,

    You were first to arrive!!!
    Happy 2010 :D

  5. Thanks Mandi,

    Happy New Year :)
    I hope I can visit west coast someday soon!!!
    Keep in touch!!!

  6. Hi jose,

    And finally, I am replying to all these comments :P
    We are both busy but keep in touch, always!

  7. Hello anGeLine,

    Happy New Year to you, too :)

  8. Hi jo,

    Happy New Year!!!
    Nice you keep in touch with your cousin!!!

    Again, that movie was super funny!!!
    My darling enjoyed it, too.
    But I hate him when he say my brain is buzzing when I am really angry :P Ha-ha!!!


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