Monday, January 18, 2010


On Saturday, we found a newly opened yummy hiroshimayaki restaurant near station. Hiroshimayaki is a Japanese pancake (similar to okonomiyaki) containing a variety of ingredients with soba. We sat at the counter, in front of the grill to warm up :D

A pile of cabbage strips were flattened in few minutes. We added scallion topping, which was really refreshing and delicious. At this restaurant you can pick udon instead of soba! Maybe we can try udon next time :D

I guess the restaurant is managed by young cooks, but they cook their very best, so everything was delicious. I hope they maintain that hard work forever!!!

I found an interesting sake called 伊根満開 (inemankai). It's a red rice sake! It was sweeter than regular sake like Chinese 紹興酒, but was not strongly scented like 紹興酒. Maybe I want to try this again, when I go back!

BTW, yesterday, I cooked and took photos of 14 new recipes.
Damn tired today!!!

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