Friday, February 26, 2010

The Day We Met

I met my darling in NY on 6/7/2003.

Last night, my darling worked late into the night, so I was looking at pictures that we took on the day we met. Don't you think it's amazing that we took a photo together on that day?! We met at a party, so that's why! I will post it really small with kitty since it is embarrassing. Ha-ha :P

Time flies. I don't want to accept reality, but we are changing...
Hope we stay the same forever!!!

BTW, did you see Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics Figure Skating?
Kim Yu-Na is beautiful! I think she has an attractive aura :D

Rainy but spring has come in Tokyo :) The high today is 18C (64F)!
Have a good weekend!!!

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  1. Hi Ochi,

    Do you have a kitty, so cute!

    I've been watching the Olympics too, the skaters are my favorite!
    Kim Yu-Na is beautiful and very talented, but so was Mao Asada.

    I think that Mao just needed to smile more, she was every bit as talented! I think sometimes you can be too disciplined and technical that the performance can seem like you're not embracing the audience!

    I also absolutely loved Mirai Nagasu who represented us U.S. who came in 4th! Mirai was so graceful too! I stayed up late to watch them, really enjoyed all the performances! Another snow storm has come to our area, kids off school again!

  2. Hi jo,

    This is not my kitty. I combined my pic with the kitty frame! He-he!

    I hope Mao can do her best, with a lot of smile, the next time! She always says her goal is to be perfect and maybe that became a burden to her X(

    Wow! Snow again!? Here it is raining and cold this week... Hope spring comes soon!


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