Friday, February 26, 2010

The Day We Met

I met my darling in NY on 6/7/2003.

Last night, my darling worked late into the night, so I was looking at pictures that we took on the day we met. Don't you think it's amazing that we took a photo together on that day?! We met at a party, so that's why! I will post it really small with kitty since it is embarrassing. Ha-ha :P

Time flies. I don't want to accept reality, but we are changing...
Hope we stay the same forever!!!

BTW, did you see Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics Figure Skating?
Kim Yu-Na is beautiful! I think she has an attractive aura :D

Rainy but spring has come in Tokyo :) The high today is 18C (64F)!
Have a good weekend!!!

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