Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Accomplishments

My expectations are always disappointed... For successive days, I received frustrating results... I think I should better expect nothing, or should lightly enter the competitions X(

Anyway, I will list my accomplishments in January before I forget.

On 1/6, 10th person has photo reported my Shimeji and Minced Meat Omelette. This is my mom's idea :D It goes great with white rice. Yummy!

On 1/15, my Colorful Healthy Dried Tofu Minced Meat Rice Bowl won the gold award at mannanhikari recipe contest again!!! Mannnanhikari is a rice shaped konjac food. By cooking the rice with mannanhikari, you can save calories (up to 30%)! I made minced meat using koyadofu (dried tofu) which also saves calories, too!

On 1/18, my Balsamic Tomato Ramen won 広東賞 (Canton award) at the contest using 中華三昧 (famous Chinese instant noodles in Japan). Balsamic vinegar nicely matches the flavor of soy sauce based soup!

On 1/20, my Sausage and Asparagus Stamppot Croquette won the grand prize at Dutch food contest. Stamppot is a typical traditional Dutch dinner (mashed potato mixed with other mashed vegetables). My darling loves croquette, so I arranged it! The tasting party was held in December in Hirado. I didn't attend the event, but it is nice to see people sampling my food. The prize was a hotel voucher of 国際観光ホテル旗松亭 in Hirado. I booked the hotel and plane tickets already, so my darling and I are going to travel there on 4/3 for my darling's birthday on 4/4!

On 1/21, 10th person has photo reported my Creamy Christmas Tree Salad.

On 1/22, I won the outstanding performance award at my special recipe contest. I entered my Colorful Minced Meat Simmered Potatoes. I used leftover vegetables to cook the dish colorful :D

On 1/24, my Pound Cake Sandwich was posted at cookpad's contest page. It was introduced as a sample Valentine's recipe using Philadelphia cream cheese.

On 1/26, I received the prize for participation at the rice contest in Hokkaido. Unfortunately, I couldn't go there and cook. Also, on 1/13, I got through the screening for the home cooking recipe contest using ingredients of Kyushu, but I wasn't able to participate since the place was too far from Tokyo. Don't ask me why I applied... sometimes I don't expect anything. Opposite from the former! Ha-ha!!!

See you again!

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  1. I love all of these especially the omellette. I'm to figure did you use olives inside. Your soup looks wonderful too, I need to get some shitake mushrooms to make soup! Your pound cake sandwich looks scrumptous, almost reminds me of Nazarina's dishes with the chocolate writing! Great job as usual!

  2. Hi jo,

    I didn't use olive inside. Those are Shimeji mushrooms. They are popular in Japan. You can find this anywere at Japanese supermarket! We use those to make soups, too!

    Nazarina is amazing! I wish I can create things like her :D

    Thank you jo for coming, always!


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