Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Accomplishments

My expectations are always disappointed... For successive days, I received frustrating results... I think I should better expect nothing, or should lightly enter the competitions X(

Anyway, I will list my accomplishments in January before I forget.

On 1/6, 10th person has photo reported my Shimeji and Minced Meat Omelette. This is my mom's idea :D It goes great with white rice. Yummy!

On 1/15, my Colorful Healthy Dried Tofu Minced Meat Rice Bowl won the gold award at mannanhikari recipe contest again!!! Mannnanhikari is a rice shaped konjac food. By cooking the rice with mannanhikari, you can save calories (up to 30%)! I made minced meat using koyadofu (dried tofu) which also saves calories, too!

On 1/18, my Balsamic Tomato Ramen won 広東賞 (Canton award) at the contest using 中華三昧 (famous Chinese instant noodles in Japan). Balsamic vinegar nicely matches the flavor of soy sauce based soup!

On 1/20, my Sausage and Asparagus Stamppot Croquette won the grand prize at Dutch food contest. Stamppot is a typical traditional Dutch dinner (mashed potato mixed with other mashed vegetables). My darling loves croquette, so I arranged it! The tasting party was held in December in Hirado. I didn't attend the event, but it is nice to see people sampling my food. The prize was a hotel voucher of 国際観光ホテル旗松亭 in Hirado. I booked the hotel and plane tickets already, so my darling and I are going to travel there on 4/3 for my darling's birthday on 4/4!

On 1/21, 10th person has photo reported my Creamy Christmas Tree Salad.

On 1/22, I won the outstanding performance award at my special recipe contest. I entered my Colorful Minced Meat Simmered Potatoes. I used leftover vegetables to cook the dish colorful :D

On 1/24, my Pound Cake Sandwich was posted at cookpad's contest page. It was introduced as a sample Valentine's recipe using Philadelphia cream cheese.

On 1/26, I received the prize for participation at the rice contest in Hokkaido. Unfortunately, I couldn't go there and cook. Also, on 1/13, I got through the screening for the home cooking recipe contest using ingredients of Kyushu, but I wasn't able to participate since the place was too far from Tokyo. Don't ask me why I applied... sometimes I don't expect anything. Opposite from the former! Ha-ha!!!

See you again!

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