Monday, February 1, 2010

Garapon Drawing

It was a busy weekend. I worked through the night on the 29th (stayed awake 48 hours) to finish up projects due 1/31... whew X( I think I need to be more organized. I am not a last minute person, though...

Anyway, on such a busy weekend, I had one important thing to do... which was to draw lots at Ajinomingei. Since we go there very often, we had 5 tickets to play Garapon drawing...

But what is Garapon?!

Not knowing what the event is about, I had shrimp udon again. The "good luck shrimp tempura udon" was already over, so I had a regular shrimp udon. The shrimp was really small compared to the other one. Ha-ha!

We won 4 pocket warmers and 1 yogurt drink at the drawing. Yep! They are useful!

But what is Garapon?!

Now I just googled "Garapon" and knew it is a name of the drawing machine! I didn't even think it has such a funny name! It is actually a common drawing machine in Japan. You turn it around one time and a colored ball comes out from the hole. You get a prize depending on what the color of the ball is.

Is this common in your country as well?!

Okay, I think I gotta go now.

I can't believe January is already over...
Hope I won't be that busy this month X(

Bye for now :)

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