Thursday, February 18, 2010

Unwasted Tubed Products

How far do you use tubed products?! Me?! I use them like this... I cut the top of the tube and use the snack bag clip to close up! You put in your finger to use. If you can't reach the content, you cut the tube again! What do you think?!

It's snowing today. I took a picture on the way to the station. Can you see the snow on the trees?! My darling looks happy :D Anyway, it will stop snowing this afternoon.

I have so many things to do, but if I'm too busy, I suddenly get overwhelmed and do nothing... Last night, I didn't go to the GYM since I had a list of things to do, but I watched TV (vancouver olympic figure skating, Evan Frank Lysacek was amazingly cool!) and went to bed... Hope I finish everything today...

Bye for now!

I added the search box to my blog. Hope it helps :D

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