Monday, February 8, 2010

Wedding Dress Show @ Zexy HAPPY PARTY!!

Yesterday, while I was cooking, my darling browsed the Net and found a special bridal event called "Zexy HAPPY PARTY" at Tokyo Midtown. Zexy is Japan's leading bridal glossy magazine. On this Saturday and Sunday, they held a wedding dress show at the event.

It wasn't in my plan, so I condensed my schedule and went to the event with my darling before the GYM! Thanks to my darling, I had a good time! It was worth it! White dresses were really beautiful :D Actually, this coming holiday (Thursday - National Foundation Day), I am going to try on wedding dresses, so it was a good preview!

Moreover, there was a bridal walking lesson by Duke Saraie. He is a walking specialist, who created the Duke’s Walk method to teach people how to walk correctly. He taught us how we stand, walk, and bow nicely at a wedding reception! My darling took a video of his lecture, so we can practice it anytime. Ha-ha ;)

Okay. This is all for today!

Talk to you later :D

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