Monday, February 8, 2010

Wedding Dress Show @ Zexy HAPPY PARTY!!

Yesterday, while I was cooking, my darling browsed the Net and found a special bridal event called "Zexy HAPPY PARTY" at Tokyo Midtown. Zexy is Japan's leading bridal glossy magazine. On this Saturday and Sunday, they held a wedding dress show at the event.

It wasn't in my plan, so I condensed my schedule and went to the event with my darling before the GYM! Thanks to my darling, I had a good time! It was worth it! White dresses were really beautiful :D Actually, this coming holiday (Thursday - National Foundation Day), I am going to try on wedding dresses, so it was a good preview!

Moreover, there was a bridal walking lesson by Duke Saraie. He is a walking specialist, who created the Duke’s Walk method to teach people how to walk correctly. He taught us how we stand, walk, and bow nicely at a wedding reception! My darling took a video of his lecture, so we can practice it anytime. Ha-ha ;)

Okay. This is all for today!

Talk to you later :D

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  1. awww how fun! its so funny reading that theres someone to teach you how to walk, stand, etc. the simple things in life. haha! but obviously its probably harder than it looks for those girls!

  2. I'm sure you can't wait to try wedding dresses on! How excting and fun to plan for your wedding! I had a sheath wedding dress, and it had a beautiful detachable train. There was so much beading on this dress, and at the time it was a 1,000 dress for $800.00. I'm sure you'll find a beautiful one! :)

  3. Hi Kym,

    Yep! The lecture was really funny! I first thought it's just for fun. But he really walks nicely, so I'm thinking of practicing. He-he ;P

  4. Hi jo,

    What a good deal! A dress with beading sounds really beautiful! Cool with detachable train!!! I hope I can find what I like. You know I take time X(

    My darling is coming with me, so I'm gonna ask him to take many photos ;)

  5. Wow..amazing designs!!

    I was curious what design will you wear for your wedding.Curious!! Hehe..

  6. Hi jose,

    There are so many dresses at stores, so I still don't know which dresses I want to wear!!! Takes time!!!


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