Friday, February 5, 2010

Magic Pot Pudding

Wow! I'm running out of time today... but wanna post this before I leave.

Yesterday, my darling went to Kobe for a business trip and bought me an interesting pudding called 魔法の壷プリン(Magic Pot Pudding)! It was introduced on TV and other media.

The caramel was bitter and it was really delicious with creamy pudding and fluffy fresh cream! Not sweet at all!!! Yummy :P I will translate the section image into English!

We have one more left in the fridge :)

Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. Looks very inticing Ochi, I must say the carmel would just make this sooo good! We're expecting a huge amount of snow tonight into tomorrow! Photos to come!

  2. Hi jo,

    I wish you could try this out! It was delicious :D

    OMG!!! I thought it just melted and the spring is going to come!!! So, how was the weather?!?!

  3. this looks so good. i wish i could try it some day


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