Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Souvenirs from Hakone

Onsen Manjyu (温泉まんじゅう) is a very popular souvenir from Hakone. It is a soft steamed bun filled with Azuki bean paste. Brown ones are the basic. They were complimentary at the hotel we stayed ;)

Nanohana (菜の花) is very popular for their Onsen Manjyu. Brown ones (Hakone no Otsukisama 箱根のお月さま) expires in 4 days. They also have black ones Gokurosan (ご黒うさん) colored with bamboo charcoal and black sesame seeds. Black ones can be enjoyed for 20 days but before you open the package.

Amanatu Orange Jelly (甘夏ゼリー) is something I found refreshing and nice! It is only sold during summer season.

Kuro Choco (黒チョコ) is black-colored white chocolate with almond which looks like the black egg in Owakudani (大涌谷), where you can find black eggs (a local specialty of eggs hard-boiled in the hot springs). Eating one egg is said to add seven years to your life!!! hehe

We (actually I) enjoyed shopping at Gotemba Premium Outlets, too ;)

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