Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lion Coffee Macadamia

How often do you drink flavored coffee?

I don't usually drink flavored coffee but sometimes it is nice for a change.
Lion Chocolate Macadamia 20 oz. WB CoffeeFew weeks ago, I had a macadamia flavored coffee at a Hawaiian restaurant in Shibuya. Sweet aroma lets you save sugar! Although I don't add sugar in my coffee normally.

It is still cold today. Sakura trees are almost in full bloom! Tree light-up is taking place from tonight to Sunday. Unfortunately, we are going to miss the light-up since we are flying to Hirado this weekend. I found that they also hold sakura events, so we will see!

Tonight, my new pau skirt gonna arrive! This time I bought it without any waver!

Have a good one ;)

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