Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spider Rolls @ Roppongi J (Bamboo Bar)

What kind of sushi rolls do you like?!

I love spider rolls (sushi rolls with soft shell crabs)! This is one of my favorites :p Last weekend I had it at Roppongi J (Bamboo Bar) restaurant in Roppongi Hills. Actually, my darling and I were planning to go to a Hawaiian restaurant on the same floor, but we just made a mistake and sucked into the modern bamboo lights displays. They serve creative international foods. Their huge kabob salad was delicious, too!

It is freezing cold today in Tokyo. High today is 50F (10C)! I still need my down jacket!

I have a lot to do recently. My ToDo list never ends...

Take care!!!

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  1. Ochi,

    I never really try to figure out what flovor I love for the rolls..as long as there is sushi for me,I love it!

    I thought the bamboo bar is unique and should attract much customers..the owner is creative.

  2. *mmmm* spider rolls! i loved them... until one time i had a bad one and it just ruined it for me and i havn't tried it again since. Maybe if i try the "real thing" in japan i'll like it again! hehe!

  3. that comment above was by me! under a diff. profile.. sorry!

  4. Hi Ochi,

    This looks really good. Don't think I ever had spider rolls. I like most any kind, but I'm not into raw fish too much1 How's the wedding plans coming!

  5. Hi jose,

    I love rolls but I don't like too raw ones.

    Yes! I think the owner is very international person! Ha-ha!!!

  6. Hi herro,

    I super understand you!!! I have some foods that I hate just because I had bad ones at the first try!!! You should try it out later ;)

  7. Hi Kym,

    Tks! I just read jose's post and realized that it was you :)

  8. Hi Jo,

    Me, too! I'm not into raw fish, so I have many kinds of fish that I cannot eat. That's why I can't eat sushi combo! Ha-ha!!!

    Try out spider rolls! They are well done :D I think you can eat them! So do I!!!

    Thanks for asking about my wedding! We are doing fine but too busy thinking many things at the same time X(


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