Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Squid Ink Pasta @ Mia Angela

Hi there! On Saturday I had a Squid Ink Pasta at my favorite Italian restaurant Mia Angela! It is Tagliolini with "Botan" shrimp and rape blossoms. Mmm yummy! It went great with their recommended white wine, "Soave Classico, Colbaraca". The wine was crisp and dry with a fruity pear flavor. I'm not good at wine but I love their wines ;)

I have zero sense of direction! This morning, my regular train stopped, so I took a different train and got off at a different closest station to go to work. However, I wasn't sure how to go to my workplace from that station, so I walked on feel... and that was a big mistake... After a while, I got lost and reached the regular train station. Which means I took the long way!!! Damn...

It is cold in Tokyo, waiting for sakura to blossom out! We are missing the sakura light-up this year since we are going on a trip to Kyushu (Nagasaki) on this weekend! BTW, I just realized I always do peace sign(s) when I take photo...

Busy Monday!
See you again!!!

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