Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Ago means tobiuo (flying fish) in the regional dialect. It is one of the local specialities in Hirado (Nagasaki).

At the very end of our dinner (Kaiseki-ryouri), we had Ago dashi soup. The soup was richer than bonito dashi and was very pleasant! I bought Ago soup for my souvenir :D

Another Ago we had was broiled Ago. It was served at our breakfast buffet! Broiled Ago is pretty hard but if you chew it well, you can be smart ;)

Ago is also used for soy sauce product! It uses less salt and has sweet & mild taste. It is perfect for sashimi or hidden flavor of your cooking!

Then last but not least, I found Ago cookies!!! They contain Ago powder! You can enjoy slight taste of Ago flavor. Interesting indeed!!!

There are many other Ago souvenirs in Hirado.
I hope you get a chance to visit there and find them!

It is finally sunny today but all the cherry blossoms were blown away by the spring storm...
Hopefully I will upload my hula video tomorrow! I just converted MP4 to AVI!

This is all for today ;)

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  1. okay, i seriously need to go to japan and try all that!!!!

    ryc - my buy for me face only works on smaller items like ice cream and stuff... never cars or trucks. haha!

  2. You always come up with the most interesting products! You are quite the gastronome! Now you wanting me to try this Ago LOL!

    BTW, I loved your pictures of your trip to Hirado and the fact that you rode bicycles, how fun!

  3. Ago??I still not understand what is this??Is it make from fish??

    Sorry..still not understand

  4. Hi Ochi,

    I think ago is one your fish right! I wish we could have fresh fish here, I would eat more of it! I'm seeing there are many different types of soysauce too! I only know of one kind here Kikkoman!

  5. Hi Kym,

    I think you'll enjoy Japan if you like these kinds of weird stuff!

    Tks! I'll try my buy me face for smaller items the next time ;) He-he!!!

  6. Hi nazarina,

    I'm glad you liked my post!

    Hirado was nice and quiet place! It was fun to have a break there ;)

  7. Hi jose,

    Ago means "flying fish" and those products are all made of Ago.
    Ago is 飛魚. I hope you understand in this way ;)

  8. Hi jo,

    Yes! You know well about Japan :D

    There are too many different kinds of soy sauce in Japan!!! Kikkoman is the typical type and it is bit salty as compared to the soy sauce in Kyushu area.


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