Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Ago means tobiuo (flying fish) in the regional dialect. It is one of the local specialities in Hirado (Nagasaki).

At the very end of our dinner (Kaiseki-ryouri), we had Ago dashi soup. The soup was richer than bonito dashi and was very pleasant! I bought Ago soup for my souvenir :D

Another Ago we had was broiled Ago. It was served at our breakfast buffet! Broiled Ago is pretty hard but if you chew it well, you can be smart ;)

Ago is also used for soy sauce product! It uses less salt and has sweet & mild taste. It is perfect for sashimi or hidden flavor of your cooking!

Then last but not least, I found Ago cookies!!! They contain Ago powder! You can enjoy slight taste of Ago flavor. Interesting indeed!!!

There are many other Ago souvenirs in Hirado.
I hope you get a chance to visit there and find them!

It is finally sunny today but all the cherry blossoms were blown away by the spring storm...
Hopefully I will upload my hula video tomorrow! I just converted MP4 to AVI!

This is all for today ;)

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