Friday, August 28, 2009

For Girls Only! How to Take Cute Pics of Yourself (Selfie) with Cell Phone

Don't say I'm crazy, but I take a pic of myself and send it to my bf once in a while. We call this kind of photo "sha-me" in Japan.

Not long ago, I saw on TV how to take cute pics of yourself with your cell phone and found out it really works, so I will let you know!!!

1. use the in-camera
2. use the natural light
3. use cloudy mode
4. cock down the angle of the camera (look up)
5. walk around the room and find a place where the light is perfect on you
6. adjust exposure if needed (it hides your pores and has a whitening effect)
7. take your photo when you are ready!

Just try! It's fun and makes your loved one happy :D

Anyway, Good Design Expo is held from today till Sunday. It is one of the biggest design events in Asia! Wanna go there if I have time this evening.

On Saturday, my bf and I gonna attend my friend's wedding after party at the beach. Should be filled with joy and happiness! I can't wait!!!

See you next week!

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