Friday, August 28, 2009

For Girls Only! How to Take Cute Pics of Yourself (Selfie) with Cell Phone

Don't say I'm crazy, but I take a pic of myself and send it to my bf once in a while. We call this kind of photo "sha-me" in Japan.

Not long ago, I saw on TV how to take cute pics of yourself with your cell phone and found out it really works, so I will let you know!!!

1. use the in-camera
2. use the natural light
3. use cloudy mode
4. cock down the angle of the camera (look up)
5. walk around the room and find a place where the light is perfect on you
6. adjust exposure if needed (it hides your pores and has a whitening effect)
7. take your photo when you are ready!

Just try! It's fun and makes your loved one happy :D

Anyway, Good Design Expo is held from today till Sunday. It is one of the biggest design events in Asia! Wanna go there if I have time this evening.

On Saturday, my bf and I gonna attend my friend's wedding after party at the beach. Should be filled with joy and happiness! I can't wait!!!

See you next week!

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  1. Hello Ochi,

    I don't think you're crazy, you must remind bf you are thinking of him! I'll have to show this to my dauhter, she just got a new phone! I don't have one! Nice to see you close up, very pretty photo! Have a nice weekend! :)

  2. Hi jo,

    New phone sounds cool!!! I hope she find it informative ;)

    It's good for me, too, because I don't get lazy about my fashion and makeup! Ha-ha!

  3. Ochi,

    Did I tell you before that you looked really pretty??Yup,you're pretty!

    I knew about this method for cute photos.Sometimes I just need the right time and right place for cute photos.

  4. Hi jose,

    I think it's a fraud. Ha-ha-ha!

    I know you know better than me because you take your pics more often :D

    It's always nice to smile, so I'm gonna keep this habit as long as I can continue!

  5. Ochi,

    Yup,keep smiling..and your mood will get better too.

    So,remember enjoy your weekend and post the photos for us next week.

    C ya..

  6. Aha!
    I know this style,when i got bored in my room, i used to do this.
    but japanese celphones is really fantastic ever.
    i enjoyed so much...

  7. Thanks jose!

    I had fun at the beach this weekend! I will post about it later ;)

  8. Hi merce-san,

    Really!? Let's entertain our lovers :D

  9. Hey friend, There are many nice tips of cute pics take with cell phone. This is really subjective question. These Japanese cell phones are really fantastic. Lighting is the big part of a successful photographer. Yo can try different angels and poses and different expressions and you can always practice infront of the mirror.

  10. Hi Donna,

    Yep! Cell phones in Japan are fantastic, but I always carry my compact digital camera with me since it is the best ;)

  11. I really like this ^.^ and of course every other thing you do:) I'm really bad at taking a perfect picture for my bf so this is really helpful!

  12. I took your advice, turns out it doesn't work out so well when you're a guy.

    Every time I was sent a cute pic I responded with one as an experiment...serves them right to sending me cute pics, taste my wrath!

  13. Hi
    Thanks for sharing the tips for taking good selfie. I am very much addicted to selfies and used to take. Your this post is very interesting and helpful. :)


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