Friday, April 16, 2010

My Accomplishments

I will list up my accomplishments in March.

On 3/1, my Thai Green Curry Jasmine Kiritanpo Nabe won honorable mention at Thai green curry recipe contest. I was kind of shocked that I couldn't win the highest (ticket for Thailand) at the contest since I created lot other recipes to apply for it. However, the other day I saw on the news that the rebellions popped out there, so I'm not that interested in the award anymore...

On 3/1, my Beef and Tomato Juicy fried Rice won the challenge award at Kyushu umaka (means yummy) recipe contest.

On 3/4, my Japanese Style Shrimp And Avocado Sandwich won the highest award at BROOKS' (Internet coffee shop) recipe contest. They asked for 3-line easy recipes that goes good with their coffee products. I added wasabi spice in my sandwich which is a new style for sandwich I believe ;)

On 3/7, my Alaskan Cheese Fries Melt which won the highest award at KRAFT's cheese recipe contest appeared on their ad! It is now available at the supermarkets. The recipe is simple. I fried avocado and cheese wrapped with smoked salmon. It's slightly salted and delicious! Sprinkle them with lemon juice for a refreshing taste!

On 3/14, my Maguro And Avocado Chirashi was printed on Kamada's (dashi soy sauce company's) brochure.

On 3/23, my Pocky decorated cup cake won the Glico's chocolate blog award.

On 3/29, my Sauteed Pork Rolled Grapefruit won the side dish award at Florida grapefruit contest. I also rolled herbs in them which makes them very refreshing :D

On 3/21, I was supposed to attend a bento recipe contest in Kanagawa prefecture, but I couldn't make it. But next week, I'm gonna attend asahi beer's tasting and awarding ceremony :)

Currently I have only 2 winnings for April...
I gotta try harder.

Today it is cold like winter!
We expect snow in adjoining city!

Have a good weekend ;)

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