Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sakura Carpet

After the unstable weather, we finally have a clear blue sky! But most of the cherry blossoms have fallen on the ground... I think we had too many cold and rainy days this year. And still it is cold today that I wore my down jacket to go to work.

Anyway, today I am going out for lunch with my mixi (SNS) friend at work :D The weather is going to get bad from tomorrow again, so nice day to hang out!

Have a good day!!!

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  1. Ochi,

    Amazingly nice!!!!!!!!!!!!

    No wonder you said sakura carpet..wish I'm there to view this moment too.When will sakura end?

  2. Hi jose,

    Thanks! I'm glad you liked it!

    Sakura in my area have ended already. As you can see, they are falling. Usually they fall in 3 days after the full bloom. Very short life.

  3. our weather here is still weird... it was hailing this morning for about 5 minutes, then rain, and now its sunny. haha! ;P

  4. Hello Ochisan!

    Love to see your photos,sakura carpet.

  5. Hi Kym,

    Hailing?! That's weird!!!
    I don't think I could have a chance to wear my spring clothes before summer. Ha-ha!!!

  6. Hi merce-san,

    I hope you can visit Japan again in this season :D
    This year the weather was really bad, though...

  7. Hi Ochi,

    Your photos are beautiful! Don't you wish the cherry blossoms could stay for a long time! Weather has been beautiful, but I've been very ill with pnuemonia, my cold settled in my chest.

    Thanks to a Dr. friend, who gave me a very high antibiotic to knock this out of my system! I'm thankful no one here got sick from me! Stay healthy!

  8. Hi Jo,

    Sorry to hear about your cold! But I'm glad to hear that no one caught a cold from you!!!

    Please please take care and show me many pics outside :D Actually, it is still cold and raining in Japan. When does the spring come...?!


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