Monday, May 10, 2010

Canon IXY Digital L2

Too many unfortunate things have happened this weekend... X(

My compact digital camera (Canon IXY digital L2) broke after 3 years... Now it shoots a pic with stripes. 3 years ago, the same thing happened to the former model (Canon IXY digital L), so this was the second time! I always think "Why Today?", when the things like this happen.

Then another unfortunate thing is, my darling had a bloody nose and I was kind of worried about him for few days... On Saturday night, we had a big fight and it got worsen (didn't stop for 30 min) while he had a hemorrhage..., so I called an ambulance. I think I was O.T.T... but the next day he went to see ENT doctor and said the bleed was from a blood vessel! He had a little surgery and got better now but what a big deal!

There is something wrong with me physically, too. I think I need to get rid of my daily stresses...

There is nothing more valuable than good health!

Good luck to me!!!

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