Monday, May 31, 2010

Did I Cut My Hair Too Short?!

Yesterday I got a haircut (after 6 months) because I thought my hair was too long. But do you think my hair is too short now?! Or my hair trimmed too straight across the bottom?! Damn... I decided to cut little bit shorter than usual but I guess that was a mistake X( Anyway, my hair looks heavy, so maybe I should ask my hairdresser to thin out the bottom...

It's pretty depressing when I cut my hair too short than "no change" after the haircut!

I hope I can make an appointment for this afternoon...
Tonight, I looked forward to going to the GYM but no time for that now!!!

Oh, I have many deadlines today!!!
I gotta concentrate on my deadlines first!!!

What a busy Monday :(

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  1. Ochi,

    Don't worry.You still looked pretty.And I don't think you cut your hair too short,it still nice and your fringe looked cute too.

    :) Smile

  2. Hi jose,

    You are too nice!!! You just fixed my feeling a little bit.

    Tonight was full but I made an appointment on Wednesday. I hope I can thin out my hair nicely without changing the length.


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