Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hope and Wish!!!

Last night, I had dinner with my ex-colleague in NY. We talked and agreed with each other that every goal can be reached if you hope and wish strongly.

Sometimes, I feel discouraged thinking that my efforts are not rewarded, but thanks to that fruit of efforts, I think I am getting a better result in a different form, which is close to my goals.

Goals, usually are the things that make you happy and may change as time goes by. You don't have to achieve your goals perfectly if you result in happiness at some point. But to get such a result, your effort is necessary. So what I realized is we should always hope and wish toward our future (goals) and do our best at anytime!!!

I hope you understand what I mean...

On my previous post, I mentioned that my dream is "To live every moment with all my energy". Yes! I always want to hope and wish to reach my goals and do my best with all my energy because I know I can be happy in that way!!!

Don't give up!!!
(Saying to myself. Ha-ha!!!)

Illustration by hiroto.

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