Thursday, May 27, 2010

PEPSI NEX Promotion: LE CREUSET Miniature Accessory

Followed by the free Dean and Deluca Magnet promotion, now 500ml PEPSI NEX comes with a free LE CREUSET miniature accessory (cell-phone strap)! There are 3 different types (Ramekin D'amour, Ramekin Fleur, and Ramekin Etoile) in 6 different colors (red, pink, orange, green, white, and blue). Aren't they neat!?

Le Creuset, as you might know, is a French cookware manufacturer best known for its colorful enameled cast iron casseroles. Their products are pretty popular among Japanese homemakers. There are many cute shapes (star, heart, flower shapes) and colors (such as pastel colors) available in Japan.

PEPSI NEX is a leader product of PEPSI Cola Japan (which Suntory plays a full part). The product was originally made in Japan in 2006. Adapted to the Japanese palate, it's 100% calorie-free with a refreshing lemon flavor.

Last promotion was for 1.5 litter PEPSI NEX, so it wasn't easy to get one, but this time is for 500 milliliter PEPSI NEX, so people can get it without hesitation! After I bought one bottle as a trial, they were all sold out in the afternoon when I returned to get another! Damn X(

Anyway, I look forward to the next promotion :D

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