Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Acai and Raspberry Granita

Açaí and Raspberry Granita is the summer specials at my favorite Ueshima Coffee Shop.

It is a refreshing granita with nutritious açaí and raspberry. Rich in polyphenol, this beverage is effective on health and beauty.

Actually, I got this for free by redeeming my coffee points which I've been building up. However, while I was carrying it upstairs, I fell down and splashed it all over the floor...

Luckily I was wearing rain boots. But depending on how you look at it, rain boots might have made me fell down...

Anyway, I'm kind of sorry for myself having had such an avoidable expected happening... You know what I mean...

The salesclerk's was nice. She made me another granita.

Thank you!!!

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  1. Ochi,

    Are you still ok?? Sometimes,small accident will happen as long as we be more careful next time.

    I love your photos a lots!!

  2. Hi jose,

    I am okay! But I really regret my carelessness... you know X(

  3. We're all accident prone sometimes. I've been falling quite a lot lately too!! I was stacking logs and slid over a small one and did a split!! I'm sure I looked hilarious didn't fall far, but was on the ground no less!!! Slipped on some gravel taking Sierra for a walk, my tennis shoes were old and had very little tread!! So on the ground again!! I look like a little kid all banged up!! Your drink sounds fabulous, at least you received another one!!

  4. Hi Jo,

    Yes, you are right! At least I received another one. Ha-ha!!!

    But I understand your situation, too! I sometimes slip where there is nothing!!! My leg is not up enough when I walk, or what?! We need to be careful!!!


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